10 Oh, No! Moments Most Women Experience…

Ladies, we’ve all had those god-awful moments we wish we could change―or better yet, be able to hide under the nearest rock. For example, when you’ve totally “got-your-flirt-on”―and yep, he was checking out your best friend. Or when you’re texting a guy who has the potential to be “boyfriend-material”, only to have them reply with―“Who is this?” Burn! You didn’t even make it into the “add-as-contact” status on his phone. Sheesh! Keep reading to get a kick out of these 10 totally relatable Oh, No! moments.

1. Food stuck between your teeth.

Most of the time it’s pepper or that little piece of lettuce left over from lunch, something we notice in our rear-view mirror after hanging out with friends—and for some unknown reason, no one had the decency to tell you. Thank you very much!

2. Yammering on when you failed to end that phone conversation.

Yikes! We’ve all fallen into this trap when we think we’ve disconnected the call, but in reality, it’s still on. We either leave a ridiculously long voicemail, or someone gets an earful of information they don’t need to hear. Note to self, make sure you are not spilling a load of gossip or going off like the devil in church with a rant of negative comments. Can I get a Mulligan, please!

3. The toot that came out of nowhere.

These are the worst, and we all laugh when it happens to someone else, but when the tables are turned, it’s the most cringe-worthy experience of our lives. Usually, we try to hide it with a cough or a quick shuffle of our feet, but there was no denying it, you slipped out a small squeaker. A “oh-for-the-love-of-god-please-forget-you-ever-heard-that”, moment. Mortifying!

4. Texting the wrong person

Knowing a smidgen too late that you’ve texted the wrong person, especially when it’s filled with negative, meaningless, or potentially harmful information that should stay private. I am so iHating this right now!

5. Laughing at an inappropriate time.

Maybe it happened at a conference, or in class, or at church during the final prayer when silence is a must―and for some reason, you get a case of the giggles. All heads turn in your direction, flashing you the― “Are-you-serious?” face, or a few― “You-are-so-rude!”, glares. Whatever, right?

6. Tripping over your own feet

You know those days when everything is going great. Your clothes are perfect. Your good mood is vibing. Your hair is curled and then BAM! you trip over your own feet and fall flat on your face for all to see in a spectacular display of “Smooth Move” experience.

7. Trying to parallel park when others are watching.

I know when this happens to me, it’s in front of the Bagel Shop filled with people―annnnd they’re all watching me do a pathetic job. I usually drive away, humiliated, and park somewhere else. Classic!

8. Wardrobe malfunction

Remember the time when your skirt was tucked into your underwear, and you walked all around the office unaware you were flashing your backside or the unfortunate nip-slip that happened at the beach. Humiliating! Definitely, a moment we’d all like to forget

9. Singing in the car and someone you know pulls up next to you.

You have two choices when this happens, you either act like you don’t see them, or you do the awkward wave―and then when the light turns green, you peel forward like you’ve just joined a Nascar race. Yep, could’ve done without that! LIVE, LEARN and LAUGH . . . That’s my motto!

10. Sex scenes during a movie when you’re with your kids, or worse― with your parents!

This moment is awkward. It’s when the room turns deathly quiet because no one knows what to say or how to act― and the whole time you wish they would just “get-done-already” or the scene would change to something else. Or you could be like my husband and say, “Wow, she’s a screamer.” Okay, where’s that rock I can hide under?

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VIABeverley Miles