How To Do Candy Skull Halloween Makeup…

By using Mehron makeup, you can create a one-of-a-kind look for Halloween. This video makes it simple. You apply the white coat, add the eyeshadow color you want on your lids, then finish them up with an eyeliner. You can experiment with differed colors to create an entirely different look.

Now fill in the hollowed areas around your eyes all the way up to your brows. Glitter is always a nice touch to keep it a little feminine. Using a folded piece of paper pressed against the black Mehron makeup can create a unique pattern above your brows. Then use an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner and shadow under the natural bone structures of your face to give it that skull look.

If you want an even more haunted look, continue the same procedure around the hollow in your throat and collarbones. With this project, you don’t have to slow down. You can make a design on your eyes to show different shapes like flowers or create unique symbols for when your lids are closed to showcase more of your personality. Its now up to you to get creative and design your Halloween face. Have Fun!

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VIABeverley Miles


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