The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See…

After I had watched this video, it took me back to what it was like to be a child and how much we’ve lost on the road to adulthood. How we could dream that anything was possible. How certain individuals were larger-than-life thus becoming our idols, daydreaming we’d grow up to be just like them. How we sang in the dark like we were at our own concert with thousands of screaming fans watching from the audience. How we’d act out certain scenes from our favorite movies as if we were on the silver screen, dazzling Hollywood’s finest. How we’d dress up like a Disney character, conquering the evil trolls who threatened the stability of our Kingdom.

As we age, we lose sight of those dreams. Our idols just become people. We put limits on our dreams and settle into our jobs and our mundane lives. Well… that’s why I enjoyed watching this video. It made me see how awesome life can be if we look at the world through a youthful lens.

In this video, you will see a cute little boy show his passion for music. How he idolizes Bruno Mars in such an adorable way, and how he woo’s Ellen with his magnetic personality and irresistible charm. I hope after you watch this, Kai will brighten your day like he did for me. ENJOY!


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