The “Breathe-work Hack” 4(of5)


On a scale of 1-10, measure where you’re stress, confusion, or overwhelm is at before trying this so you can compare how much of a difference it made afterwards. We’re going to start by putting our tongue at the roof of the mouth ~ that’s our little hack. The closer the tongue is to the teeth, the more relaxed the body gets. The closer the tongue is placed towards the throat, the more energized and mentally alert you’ll get. Sit with this and test what feels right for you in this moment, it will change throughout the day as different things come your way so you’ll try both ways at various times.

Now, breath in for 6 seconds – hold for 6 seconds – breath out for 6 seconds.

3 rounds = 60 seconds

Check in with yourself and measure on a scale of 1-10 to see where you’re at now. Many times, 60 seconds is long enough to take you down a level or three.

Final Part