4 Tips to Creating a Living Space that Encourages Peace and Serenity

4 Tips to Creating a Living Space that Encourages Peace and Serenity
4 Tips to Creating a Living Space that Encourages Peace and Serenity

In this highly stressful world we live in, being able to tap into our inner peace is important. Without it, we stand to fall prey to compromising mental and physical disabilities that suck the energy right out of us. If you’re constantly met with drama, turmoil, temptation, fear, and chaos in your life, it makes it hard to live life to the fullest. The challenging thing is that sometimes, the only way you can find peace within yourself is to get away from all the distractions.

While you can’t always readily afford to hop on a plane and take a trip to a far off destination, you can find easy ways to create a living space that encourages peace and serenity in your life. Below, are just a few suggestions on how to accomplish this.

1.  Create a Sense of Security

No living space can be completely calming and peaceful without a sense of security. If your home is vulnerable to break-ins, there’s always that constant fear that something could go wrong. To minimize the fears and prevent certain events from taking place, the first thing you want to do is create a living space that feels safe and secure. Conduct a security survey of your home. Do you notice anything that is unsafe? Maybe your window and door locks are outdated, or your fire alarms are low on batteries. Investing in safety and security is extremely important, for example for residents on the west coast, California ADT home security systems can work wonders in helping you feel at ease and safe in your home.

2.  Let Go of Negative Distractions

Negative vibes and distractions can easily set you down the wrong path. When looking to find inner peace within your own home, you’re going to need to try and remove some of those negative vibes and distractions that might be lurking around.


Do you consume a lot of drugs or alcohol to mask your emotions? If so, remove it from the home. Do you have a roommate or family member that is constantly trying to start drama? Find ways to effectively communicate how their negativity makes you feel. If they are not receptive to your needs then it may be time to go your separate ways as you should feel your best when you walk into your home.

3.  Brighten Up Your Home to Encourage Positive Energy

Is your home décor a bit dark and dreary? Did you know that this could have an effect on your overall mood? You might want to brighten up your home to allow positive energy to flow through it. Switch dark colored walls to softer, lighter colors, add plants to the home to symbolize life, install more lighting or change your window treatments to allow more natural light into your home. You should feel great when you walk into your space, and your home décor has a lot to do with that. Even if you start in one room and work your way around the house with time, you will start to see a real difference.

4.  Free Your Mind

Last but never least, in order to feel true inner peace when in the comforts of your home is to free your mind. You may not realize it, but mentally you bring a lot of burdens home with you – and most of it, you can’t even control. Learn to free your mind of such burdens through various freeing processes like meditation. Taking a few moments to tune out the world and tune into yourself while in your home can make everything seem so much easier in life. Whether you do yoga, meditate, read a book, listen to music, just get into the habit of doing mind-freeing activities that will encourage positivity and peace of mind.

These four tips are enough to give you that free sense of living that you long for. While it won’t change the world and the many stresses, dangers, and fears that live within it, it can do wonders for freeing your mind and helping you to control your innermost thoughts and emotions. By providing a sense of security, removing negative distractions, encouraging positivity, and daily freeing your mind, you’ll find that your home is no longer the place you dread walking into each day, but a place that you look forward to returning to day after day.


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