5 Easy Ways To Build More Confidence…

5 Easy Ways To Build More Confidence…
5 Easy Ways To Build More Confidence…

At one time or another, we all feel less confident than we should. Age, illness, hardships, and just bad circumstance can pull us down. It is a pretty natural reaction to unnatural conditions. But, how do we help ourselves back up if we’re feeling a little inadequate? Here are a few tips to help you believe in yourself again.

Go To Bed When You’re Tired

When we force our bodies to power through when we’re overtired, we end up feeling like a complete mess. The human brain and body shut down for a reason, and when that happens, we need to listen to those messages by going to bed. When we wake refreshed, we’re more equipped to handle the day thus raising our confidence.

Each Week Write a Goal You Want To Achieve

Even if you just want to clean out the fridge, organize your makeup drawer, run to the grocery store, or walk the dog―write ’em down. Then, make sure you work on accomplishing those goals throughout the week so that when Sunday rolls around, you can feel great knowing you’ve hit your marks. Most of the time, when goals are accomplished, no matter the size, it raises confidence. High five! You did it!

Compliment Yourself, Then Reflect on That Throughout The Day

Just say it: Your clothes are pretty, that’s a beautiful haircut, sexy shoes, or just a good-looking smile. Compliment yourself, then reflect on that personal treasure throughout the day. Every person is unique and beautiful in their own way. Yes, you too! Time to celebrate your uniqueness. You will raise your perception of yourself, creating more self-esteem.

Whatever Brings You Joy, Take a Picture of it

If it’s the sunset that lit up the sky that evening, the flowers in the boutique’s window, your clean kitchen, the sunlight streaming through the window…. take a quick pic of it. Then when you’re feeling a little blue, revisit those happy moments and let them do what they do―lift your mood.

Reward Yourself On Friday Night

When we strive to make our lives better by creating goals and then face the struggles to accomplish these goals… we need a reward. It doesn’t have to be a Disneyland vacation, drinking heavily at the bar, or a social gathering. (Yet, if that’s your thing, then go for it!) Rewarding yourself could be as simple as eating your favorite frozen treat, reading the book you’ve wanted to start, taking a long walk in the park, or a bubble bath with a glass of champagne. The key is to look forward to something each week that you have earned. Allow your efforts to be revered. Celebrate yourself. You deserve it!

Confidence is perception. Be positive with your self-image and turn it into self-confidence.

VIABeverley Miles