5 Secrets of Successful Couples…

5 Secrets of Successful Couples...
5 Secrets of Successful Couples...

Are you married to Prince Charming? Even if you are, a successful marriage or long-term relationship requires effort. Accepting our partners for who they are and not focusing on what they lack is a good place to start. Happy couples become good friends by creating good habits.

  • Communication

Creating your own special fortress that can weather any storm requires communication. One may think that communication is speaking your mind but it’s also listening to your partner. It’s the give and take  that creates trust.  You can learn how to work together to solve any situation.

  • They know how to laugh

Happy couples know they have to shrug off the little annoyances. Work, coupled with the responsibility of raising children, and the chores of daily life can weigh us down. Sometimes you just have to let it go! Did the trash bag rip open while he was taking it out again, covering your kitchen floor with coffee grinds? Let those blunders go and laugh about them. Each little mistake can actually bring you closer.

  • They make their partner a top priority

Turning off those cell phone ringers when you’re with your loved one can make them feel like they are a priority. Shutting off the outside world can up your intimacy and help you feel as if you are the only two people on the planet. When we give our partners that kind of respect and attention, they know how important they are to us. Nothing feels better than knowing you are number one. Give your partner that top-priority respect and you’ll get that kind of respect in return.

  • PDA

We all know PDA means public displays of affection, but in happy relationships, the Private Displays Of Affection are even better. It’s nice to get a hug or kiss when we’re out, but the more meaningful displays are when we are alone. Take special moments alone to connect. Happy couples shower their partner with playful and lusty acts of affection. It can make those bonds stronger and may be a foreshadow of what you plan on doing to them later. Hint. Hint.  

  • They plan their futures together

When we know we’re with the right person, we can see ourselves growing old with them. That’s a very important step in achieving long-term success with your mate. This bond goes beyond looks and attraction, health or the sexy stuff. The happiest relationships are between best friends who want your company until the very end. Can you picture yourself walking hand-in-hand with them when you’re 80, watching those laugh lines deepening, or the hair around their temples turning gray?  If you do… you’re golden.

VIABeverley Miles