5 Things To Do In The Morning For a Happier Day Today

5 Things To Do In The Morning For a Happier Day Today
5 Things To Do In The Morning For a Happier Day Today

Ok, so do you want the good news or the bad news first about morning routines? Let’s start off with the good. Good news: morning routines are not difficult to adopt, they help by adding flow to your day, make things just go more smooth, and even boost your attitude and mood.

With a morning routine, you get more in a habit and a flow of your daily life, and if you’re one of those people that likes to sleep in, you’ll find that morning routines (yes actually morning, like before noon) can help you take advantage of what those few extra hours can offer you!

So, now that you’ve discovered that you might want to incorporate a routine into your morning because it’ll help you start the day off right, and can even promote you to have a better attitude, you’re probably thinking, well, “what does a morning routine look like?”

Check out these 5 things you can add to your morning habits to set yourself up for a brighter days.

  1. Get up–and get up the first time your alarm goes off. The snooze button make people even more tired and frustrated. Not a good way to start the day.
  2. Rehydrate immediately. Drink water (before coffee) and before you do much of anything else. We are lighter in the morning because we dehydrate all night.
  3. Make the morning your own for at least 30 minutes. Immediately go into your morning ritual that is soothing or inspirational (“me time”) to start the day off and rejuvenate your soul. Avoid checking email. Messages are other people’s plans for you. They can wait. So can your family. Your soul needs some love and attention now–first.
  4. Move your body (stretch or exercise) for even a minute. Touch your toes, air squats, push ups, anything just do something to get your blood moving and when you’re feeling it, do a little more.
  5. Write down your top 3 objectives for the day. Sure you have tasks, but what can you do or set in motion to improve something about your life, career or company today?

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