6 Things NOT To Do At The Office Party…

6 Things NOT To Do At The Office Party...
6 Things NOT To Do At The Office Party...

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” until you end up on Santa’s Naughty List because you were a little too “festive” at your office Christmas party. It’s easy to overindulge in the tasty food and seasonal cocktails and become the new social media idiot. So, we’re offering this list of a few simple rules to help keep you from becoming a viral meme:

Don’t get s***-faced drunk

When alcohol is involved, we all know from experience that anything can happen. So many decisions we make when we’re drunk are unfavorable. Be mindful of how many drinks you’ve had. Have a glass of water in between those shots and eat plenty of food. Otherwise, the pictures that hit Facebook or Instagram the next day might not be very flattering.

Don’t be the mistletoe junkie

If you’ve had a few drinks, don’t be the one who grabs the mistletoe and walks around trying to kiss everyone. It screams “desperate-for-attention”. Honestly, most people don’t mind a couple of kisses. Just don’t go overboard. You may have had one too many if you’re carrying mistletoe around like a trophy, passing kissing germs to everyone in the room. Go easy on the herb!

Keep it classy

Don’t use the party as an excuse to work out your libido issues, keep it in check. Don’t pig out on the food as if you’ve skipped meals for the last 3 days; get out and socialize. Don’t dance like you’re at a nightclub. Remember, YOU have to work with these people on Monday.

Dress the part

Since this is a business party, dress appropriately. Now’s not the time to bring out the dress that shows off all of your assets. Why complicate things with an outfit that people will still be talking about a year later (and not in a good way)? You know what I’m sayin’?

Don’t bash the boss

It’s easy to let your guard down after some yummy food, tasty drinks, in a relaxed atmosphere however, not everyone is on team-ME. If you get a little loose-lipped, keep the conversation from turning into a boss-bash. Some co-workers might even try to bait you into this type of discussion; so keep your wits and don’t allow yourself to fall into those traps. When you avoid saying anything negative, no one will have any ammo against you. Right?

Don’t be a Scrooge

Don’t be the person telling kids that Santa doesn’t exist, or complaining about the food, the drinks, the music, or the decorations. You are a guest which means someone took the time and money to make this event happen so bring on the JOY. I mean, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? It’s okay to have fun, and you should, just be smart. No one wants rumors and giggles following them around until someone trumps their cringe-worthy faux pas at the next Holiday party. Don’t be the last one to find out that you’ve been tagged in some sketchy photos. Stay clear of that mess and off the Naughty List.

VIABeverley Miles