7 Simple Phrases That Will Give You Strength…

7 Simple Phrases That Will Give You Strength...
7 Simple Phrases That Will Give You Strength...

Yep, I talk to myself… we all do! What a lot of people don’t realize is that it’s not only healthy to talk to yourself, it’s a key to feeling a sense of control and peace.

You can say the wrong things to yourself and feel a sense of weakness and vulnerability.

The trick is to have a few positive mantras that you can repeat in your mind over and over when you need them. Here are a few of my favorites which you’re welcome to use anytime you need them. They give me strength, and they’ll do the same for you.

  1. I love myself no matter what.
  2. I’m in charge of my own emotions.
  3. I will attract what I think about so I better think about good stuff!
  4. When I’m going through hell, I should keep going… this too shall pass!
  5. Everyone has horrible scars. Mine make me who I am.
  6. What I’m looking for is not in the past. It’s in the present.
  7. Every single day is a brand new beginning–tomorrow could be great!
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