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Congratulations, eyepincher84! You are the winner of our $100 Amazon Gift Card!! We will send you an email, please keep an eye out for that or reach out to us directly at [email protected] If you didn’t win this time, you can try again each week – comment below what prizes you want to see next!

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How To Win A Treasure

The way DailyTreasure.com works is – you subscribe to our newsletter. We bring you daily pearls of wisdom and other juicy gems that make life easier to experience, to enjoy, and to just deal. To reward you for interacting with us, each time you click on a link in our newsletter – you are entered into the weekly prize drawing. So, if there are three things to click on in our newsletter, and you click on all three – you have entered yourself 3 times for that day – and still have all the other days in the week to enter yourself as well! We announce our winners every Friday.

WINNER Friday (8/16): eyepincher84

Here’s what you can expect:

Monday: Morning Ritual
We like mornings that are calm, productive and inspiring. If you do too, Monday’s email will guide you through a short, peaceful morning ritual to start your week off right.

Tuesday: Treasure Trove Toolkit:
Get through all kinds of struggles and tough times with a helpful technique from DT’s Treasure Trove Toolkit.

Wind Down Wednesday
It’s Hump Day… Calm your mind to keep your cool for the rest of the week with a guided meditation. (Great for moms!)

Thursdays: Self Reflect with a Quiz!
Want to get to know yourself a little better? Our quizzes are the perfect place to start!

Friday: Prize Winner Announced
Plus, exclusive subscriber gifts coming soon…


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