Activated Charcoal – What’s That?

Our body is a self-regulating entity. An entity is a thing with a distinct and independent existence. The independent existence of the body looks like, as an example, the organs functioning without our mind directing them. Or the lungs continuously breathing on their own. Our body works independently and automatically. It knows what it needs to do and is designed to heal itself.
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So you know when you wake up feeling kind of heavy and maybe it feels like you’re moving a little slower than usual?

That means there’s an interference. Some people call it toxicity even, there’s just some gunk in our system that needs some help getting out.>❤︎

That’s where Activated Charcoal comes in super handy – it’s fast acting, easy to keep on hand, and restores

What is Activated Charcoal:
It’s a manufactured product that can easily be taken in a capsule, like a supplement. It’s used to manage toxic substances because whatever is bothering you will bind to it and be carried out with the charcoal. Whether you ate something that isn’t sitting well with you, there’s trapped air, or you notice you’re moving a little sluggishly – activated charcoal clears that out for you.

Charcoal Cure:
Step 1: Take 1-3 capsules,
Step 2: Wait 15 minutes,
Step 3: Take 1-3 more capsules until symptoms are managed.
Step 4: Repeat

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If you don’t have activated charcoal on hand, you’ll want to add it to your cupboard.