How To Know If You’re With “The One”?

Are You With The Right Person?
Are You With The Right Person?

Listed below are 4 POSITIVE and NEGATIVE signs you might find in a relationship. Lots of positives? They just may be “the one”… Lots of negatives? You know what that means…

Are with the right or wrong person?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been with someone for 2 months or 4 years, we all want to know if we made the right choice when it comes to our partner. Building a life with another person is the true definition of commitment. It’s fun to look at that bad boy with hot abs guy and a strong jawline, but that doesn’t mean we should end up in a long-term relationship.

Here are a few positive and negative signs to determine if you found the right person.

POSITIVE: You love them for who they are.

If you’re proud to be married or dating the teacher, attorney, police officer, and not that prestigious so-and-so your parents thought you should end up with―that’s a good sign. When your mate shows up unexpectedly at your workplace, does it make you smile? If the answer is yes, you’re most likely with the right person.

NEGATIVE: You want them to change.

Your mate might be the loud one at the party and you wished they were more subdued, or you think “Shave that scraggly beard already?” If everything your partner does annoys or embarrasses you― then you’re probably with the wrong person.

POSITIVE: You get each other.

If words are not needed when something funny or stressful happens but your partner knows what’s up. That is a good sign. If they share one of your many inside jokes, and it makes you both laugh― these are all good signs you’ve met your match.

NEGATIVE: You’re afraid to be alone.

If you or your partner has a fear of being single, it’s a bad sign. It means you would rather settle for anything that comes along then be alone. Unhealthy codependency is an unpleasant quality of any relationship.

POSITIVE: Their shortcomings don’t bother you.

Everyone has quirks, it’s what makes us who we are, but when you can overlook NBD (no big deal) idiosyncrasies because you know you have a good thing― that’s an excellent sign.

NEGATIVE: Your relationship is based purely on sex.

If the only thing you have in common is physical― that’s a serious red-flag. You might be wondering if you will ever find anyone else as good in the sack as what you have right now. A committed relationship needs chemistry and a real connection on an emotional level.  

POSITIVE: You balance each other out.

Mutual affinity where you and your guy have different interests and behaviors, and you can sustain the relationship. Your man gets you, and you get your man. You might like monster truck races, and he likes birdwatching, but when you are together, it doesn’t matter what you are doing because you support each other’s interests. Allowing another person the space to pursue their interests without getting all bent out of shape is healthy.

NEGATIVE: You ignore your gut instincts.

If that nagging voice in the back of your mind is saying something’s not right,  or your spidey senses are starting to tingle – you need to listen to yourself. Instincts are there for a reason and if we refuse to pay attention we could be setting ourselves up for some serious trouble in the future.

VIABeverley Miles