Brain Detox 4(of5)


The difference between relaxing, and just numbing out is this: relaxation restores us so that we’re supercharged and able to get back to what we were doing. Numbing out takes us to a place where we’re not responsible for anything. That may feel good momentarily, but it’s not sustainable. Self-care is about all about sustainability and increasing our ability to bounce back, so today, let’s try something different than our usual go-to.

Browse some podcasts, it can be any genre, just something you connect with. As you’re getting ready in the morning, listen to the podcast in the background. Throughout the day, when you need that escape, listen to the next episode of the podcast. Feed the mind, at least one day a week, with incoming messages that encourage, inspire, and connect you to parts of yourself that mean something to you. Maybe it’s a hobby you want to learn more about, or a philosophical influence who really speaks your language.

Podcasts trigger “ah-ha” moments. The mind expands and shifts, creating space, when it hears things in a way we never thought about before. As we connect with fresh ideas and perspectives that feed our own, it provides the mind an opportunity to resolve and restore. How’s that for easily sustainable, huh? You can listen in the car, in the shower, while you do errands, or workout – this mind detox is easy, all you have to do is press play….

Final Part