Bucket List Ideas For Couples…

5 Tips On Having A Better Relationship...
5 Tips On Having A Better Relationship...

If you have a good relationship and want to spend more time with the love of your life; create a bucket list together. Here are a few good ideas.

Plan a second honeymoon

Get out the maps or do a search on google and figure out a place you both want to go. Every couple deserves a second honeymoon. When we’re young, money is usually an issue. Once you’re more established in life, it’s time to set some money aside and plan that dreamy honeymoon you might not have gotten when you were younger. You might want to spend a week on an exotic island or perhaps a villa in Tuscany. Just set up a plan to make it happen.

Visit Each Other’s Home Town

Most couples don’t grow up together. If you have never been back to your partners hometown, it’s the perfect place to learn about each other and see how you both grew up. It’s always nice to travel down memory lane― and what a better way to do that by sharing it together.

Dance Under a Moonlit Sky

You might want to do this on vacation, but you don’t need distance to do this romantic gesture. Just plan a night and then set up the music (you only need a phone with a great playlist) and then you can plan that romantic night out under the stars. It’s also nice to start by having a picnic first.

Make Love in a Strange place

Maybe it’s on the top of the washing machine or your office desk at work, but nothing says HOT than making love in a strange place. Remember… it will serve as your dirty secret that only the two of you will share. So scandalous!
Carve Your Initials into a Tree
Those initials will not last forever but it could for the next 100 years or so. Why not plan a romantic walk and then end the night by carving your initials into a sturdy old tree. Very nostalgic.


You don’t have to be a young chicken to send your partner a sexy text. Trust me; it will be something you both will remember, and it’s a good way to flirt with each other. You can dress up or snap a shot in your bathroom mirror wearing nothing but your birthday suit. Who knows it might turn into a regular thing?

Write Each Other a Love Poem

No one knows your partner like you do, so get creative and tell them all the things you love about them. You don’t even need to make everything rhyme; it’s just putting your thoughts down on paper that makes this so special.

Create a Playlist for Each Other

It might be filled with love songs or songs from their childhood, but this is a great gift to give to the love of your life. Nothing seals memories like music. Whatever ‘YOUR SONG’ is… make sure that one gets on the list too.
I’m sure you have plenty more you want to add to your bucket list, but start planning it today. Every couple should have one.

VIABeverley Miles