Can You Really Keep Those New Year Resolutions?

Can You Really Keep Those New Year Resolutions?
Can You Really Keep Those New Year Resolutions?

When that New Year rolls around, we always have the best intentions when we make our resolutions. But as the days go by, we lose sight of those goals, and then we fall back into our old routines. So, what can you do to stay on track? First, you have to avoid the pitfalls that so many people encounter every year. Here are several reasons why we fail and how we can overcome the March-Madness dropouts:

We Set Unrealistic Goals

How many times have we said that we would get in shape? Then we go to the gym regularly in January, maybe parts of February, and then by March we are only walking around the block a few times or taking the stairs at work, and checking it off as exercise.

It’s good to look at the reasons you want to get in shape in the first place. What are they?

  1. I want to be more desirable.
  2. I want to lose the extra weight.
  3. I want to be able to keep up with a more active crowd.
  4. I want to make new friends.
  5. I just want to feel better.
  6. I have health concerns I need to address.
  7. I want to be strong.

Whatever the reason is… it was important to you. That’s why you made the resolution in the first place, right? Instead of making a goal just to get in shape, remember why you want to get in shape. Then, take some real steps to make it happen.

  • If you want to feel more desirable; buy that sexy lingerie that will make you feel that way.
  • Get that red dress. Hang it in your room where you can see it every day and know after you shed those unwanted pounds; you’re going to go out on the town wearing it, showing off the body you’ve worked so hard to attain.
  • Go ahead, and set those dates with your active-crowd-friends. When we set a timeline, it makes us feel more obligated to keep them.
  • Take action to make friends by inviting people to work out with you. Start socializing in those active circles.
  • Make things more effective by eating healthy, take those vitamins and work out. Then when you start to feel better, reward yourself for your efforts.
  • If you have health issues, remember why you need to get healthy. Talk with your loved ones and ask them to help you stay focused on your goals.
  • Active people get results. If you workout, you will feel stronger.

By keeping your goals front and center, will help you stay on track.

We make things harder than they need to be

When we set our New Year resolutions, we go all out. But change is relative. We stay on track better if our goals are set higher than 13% of our regular routine and under 25% of our normal routine. Anything lower, most people feel like it’s not worth the time to invest. When it’s over, it becomes too difficult, and most people give up. Finding the balance between the two is where you need to be to succeed.

If your goal is to eat healthier, look into other options that will help make those goals easier to reach. Shopping for those healthy foods can be time-consuming and expensive. A perfect example of another option is AMAZON FRESH. If you live in an area that provides this service, take the time to look into it. You can go online and order food right from their website. The food is usually delivered to your doorstep the next day. And it’s not any more expensive than it is at the grocery store. Sometimes, it’s even cheaper. It will make your healthy-eating-goals much easier to reach if you do not have to travel to the store every three days to by the greens you need to make those, yummy, healthy, morning smoothies.

If you have a time issue when it comes to getting to the gym 3 times a week, maybe you need to workout at home. By adjusting things, you can make your goals more achievable. Learn to be flexible.

If your plan is to save more money; learn to use cash instead of credit cards, then when the cash is gone, you know it’s time to stop spending. Bend and adjust things until you crush each obstacle.

We’re not perfect

Another reason people fail, is they want it all or nothing: perfection. Failure is a part of life. The key here is not to quit. We’re failures, not quitters, okay? No one is perfect. You will have those days when you fall back into the life you’ve lived for the past 15 years Remember, they are only speed bumps. Just because you fail, doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel. Take the break you need, then pick yourself up and get back on the New Year Resolution Road.

We go overboard

Yes, we are excited about changing our lives, and creating those new habits, but we can overdo it and then get discouraged. If you made a goal to work out this year, don’t go to the gym and jog 5 miles. The next day you might be so sore that you can’t get out of bed. Take things slow. Set those realistic goals. Picture it as a marathon, not a quick sprint. We want to survive the long haul, so start off slowly and then increase things as you feel ready.

Keep track of your progress

A good way to make sure you stay on track is to write things down. Make notes on what you’ve done, what has helped you, what obstacles you’ve overcome or need to overcome, and how far you’ve already traveled. Those positive reminders should encourage you to keep going.

It only takes 21 days to make something a habit, or routine. 3 week is all it takes, so make those changes easier, but not too easy. The key here is balance. Nothing works if the pendulum swings too far left, or too far right. Make those great personal changes into lifelong habits.

We don’t ask for help

Making certain life changes can be difficult, but we have people who we can rely on for help. If you really want your life to be different; recruit people who want you to succeed. They can encourage you when you need it, yell at you when you feel like quitting and can lend a helping hand to pull you back on your feet. Just realize, you are never alone in this. There are others out there who are trying to make necessary changes, too. Find those like-minded individuals that can help you, or don’t be shy about asking your loved ones to chip in. Do whatever needs to be done to accomplish those life-changing goals. Then by next year, you’ll be ready to take on anything. BRING. IT. ON!

VIABeverley Miles