Christmas Gifts that Will Turn Your Man’s Head…

Christmas Gifts that Will Turn Your Man’s Head...
Christmas Gifts that Will Turn Your Man’s Head...

Long-term relationships are fantastic! You have years worth of history with great stories you can pass down to your kids and grandkids, and a lifetime supply of inside jokes. When Christmas rolls around, however, those long love affairs can make buying a gift for your spouse more challenging. After years of showering each other with gifts, how can you WOW your man this year?

Sometimes, they make it easy on us and drop hints or rave about some new product, or leave the Amazon link… and we’ve totally been a good spouse or partner by paying close attention, right? But what about those times when we’re totally lost?

Let’s go down the list…

  • Power tools… Check.
  • New tie… No more, please!
  • A fancy barbecue… Done that.
  • A subscription to Sports Illustrated… Yep.
  • NFL package through your satellite provider… Uh, huh.
  • Swiss Army Knife… Thanks, honey… but, no!
  • Money clip… Seriously, who uses those things?
  • Golf Balls… Yawner.
  • Different draft beers… Oh yeah, we’ve done that, TWICE.
  • Shaving kit… NEXT!
  • Wrist Watch… Of course, we now have cell phones. Duh!
  • Bathrobe… Now you’re not even trying.
  • Greatest Dad or Husband coffee mug…Nooooo!
  • Reindeer boxers… Stop!

We all want our Christmas gifts to mean something, not just more colored paper boxes that sit under the tree as an offering for Team-Honey. Here are few just-because-I-love-you gift ideas. Then we added some hot and steamy ones that will put the jolly into his step, melt his winter wonderland, and jingle those bells. Take a look…

Date Night Kit

Maybe it’s been a few days, weeks, or months since you’ve had a real date. Now’s your chance to fill his gift box with dinner reservations, movie tickets, and coupons for all his favorite snacks. You can even add the 3-D glasses if that’s available. Since this year is coming to a close, why not start the new year off right with a memorable date night?

A Candle Light Dinner Promise

Here’s where you can really get creative. Write a letter or do it in a coupon form, but promise you’ll cook his favorite meal just for the two of you. Add in the scented candles, a fancy lighter, and maybe even the cologne you’d like him to wear. If you want to take it even farther, buy him a new outfit. Even a snapshot of your LBD (little black dress) could bring more heat into that already smoking hot, in-house dinner date for two.

An Apology Designed to Inspire

My friend did this last year. At the time, I thought it was odd until I read the letter. The card to her husband was filled with heartfelt words of love, encouragement and yes, an apology. Not that she had done anything wrong, just that she had acknowledged his suffering, how he’d struggled through that hardship, and that the upcoming year would be a much better one. Sometimes, the best gift you can give another person is just opening your heart and telling them how much they mean to you. We can overlook so much with our hectic schedules, but how great does it feel when someone reveals how much you mean to them? Making him feel appreciated, needed, and your hero can light up his world. Explain their impact on your life. For a memorable one-of-a-kind gift, express yourself on paper.
Now, let’s bring on the HO HO HO! Naughty-Girl Gifts Men Really Want

A Night Without The Kids

We spend every waking minute preparing the holidays for our little, loved ones, but couples need a breather when the festivities are over. The grown-ups deserve a little time when you’re not playing referee to another silly argument, fixing meals, changing diapers, cleaning up toys, and getting the candy canes out of the carpet. A time when whining, yelling and life-lesson lectures are off limits.

When you give your man a little-wrapped box with a no-kids-night just for the two of you; he might just burst into tears. A gift where he gets his beautiful wife all to himself, maybe a bubble bath, naked fun time, sleeping in ‘till noon, cooking him breakfast topless and reading the newspaper together after more naked fun time. A gift that says let’s-pretend-were-25-again and enjoy each other with no interruptions. Trust me. He will think it’s the best gift EVER!

A Gift Certificate to Victoria’s Secret.

This will knock his Elf off the Shelf when he opens a gift that holds a certificate to a lacy, angel wings dream, my-wife-will-look-so-hot-in-that place. It’s a two for one deal that benefits both of you. He gets to pick out the pretties while you get something that’s just for you. A gift that keeps on giving long after the Christmas season has passed. Every time you slip it on, that wonderful moment will never be forgotten. Yaaaasss!!! More great history for your marriage memory bank.

Hot Christmas Card

How many Christmas photo cards do we receive from friends all dolled up in some festive garb? Several. But have you ever sent your honey a hot card, modeling something that will keep him warm all winter long? Who says you can’t wear that ugly sweater, but somehow make it hot? Now’s the time to show off your self-confidence, strut your sexual prowess, and make him happy he’s married to you! I’m not saying this has to be x-rated, but just keep an open mind and do what feels adventurous and right!

Toys for Adults

Remember, you’re not a third grader with a sophomoric sense of humor. As an adult, in a committed relationship, you should be able to speak freely with each other. Acting shy, just means you’re robbing yourself of all kinds of adult fun. Now that we have the internet, you don’t have to walk into an adult store and worry about another mom from the PTA club seeing you go in. Nope! You can shop right from the privacy of your own home, and get great gifts that you will both enjoy. Do your research, then pick out a few goodies that will spice up your holiday love life. Oh, and FYI, they do sell peppermint flavored whipped cream in a can, just in case you’re into that!

Enjoy the Holiday Season by surprising the love of your life with a few special gifts. And who knows… you may create a new Christmas tradition ~ I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus….

VIABeverley Miles