Common Mistakes Women Make When Dating…

Common Mistakes Women Make When Dating...
Common Mistakes Women Make When Dating...

We all make mistakes, but in the dating world some can be quite costly. Here are a few blunders you’ll want to avoid to save yourself months of heartache or another painful breakup.


If the guy is an jerk and you know it, it’s time to move on. When you don’t heed your gut instincts and keep dating someone, hoping they’ll change, it only leaves you with a bigger mess to clean up later. Face “reality” which means “don’t be dumb”. Be your own best friend and take out the trash early.

Only date a man after you know for sure he’s into you.

That means, limit communication with him until you have all the facts. To truly fall for a guy, they must be somewhat of a challenge. Running full speed toward the prize will only scare most potential boyfriends out the nearest exit. Taking your time makes you more attractive because you’re playing hard to get.

Don’t be the crazy one.

We’ve all seen these girls and trust me, you do not want to be labeled as “crazy”, it’s a hard title to lose. If any of the following sounds familiar…you just might be on the crazy list.  “Why haven’t you called me back, I’ve left you 10 messages.” Yikes!  “I saw you checking out my best friend WTF?” “Why did you bring me here? Isn’t this where your Ex used to work?” OMG! If you’re that girl, you will be forever single! DO NOT go all Carrie Underwood, Louisville Slugger’ing his truck headlights, that will usually get you locked up. Confidence and self-control will show others you’ve “Got-it-going-on”. NOT “you don’t have a life” and you’re using your date to fill your low self-esteem voids by controlling the situation with chaos. These methods fail― so curb the crazy.

Don’t ask dumb questions.

It’s fine to ask him once why he wanted to go on a date with you, but if you keep asking, it’s a big red light that you might be self-absorbed. Another example: Don’t ask a guy where things are going when he’s not technically your boyfriend. Men run when they feel pressured. If he’s the right guy, he will let you know and if he doesn’t, well… maybe it’s time to walk away.

Don’t be needy.

It’s a major turn off when you’re rearranging your whole life to fit around his schedule. Constantly worrying about what he’s doing or what he’s thinking means you’re putting your life on hold. Now’s the time to call on your girlfriends for help. If he wants to be with you, he’ll make room in his life for the things that are important to you.

There is a “No-Date-Limit” as to when you must “Put Out.”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone on 1 date or 40, if you’re not ready for things to turn sexual, wait until you are ready. If he’s not okay with that, move on. The right person will understand because your feelings matter. Plus, it’s better to wait, then jump into something sexual too soon, making a regrettable mistake.

Don’t date just because you’re lonely.

It’s important to make sure he’s the right guy before you leap. Sometimes the “time-out’s” in life make us figure out who we are and what we want.  If you take the proper steps when dating, it will save you from months of wasted energy that you could’ve spent searching for Mr. Right instead of Mr.Right Now.

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