Do You Act Like a Little Girl or a Grown Woman?

Do You Act Like a Little-Girl or a Grown Woman?
Do You Act Like a Little-Girl or a Grown Woman?

We all know what a “Woman” looks like― she isn’t the most beautiful person in the room but that “Woman” definitely stands out in a crowd― as if she demands everyone’s attention. A “Woman” knows how to carry herself and can speak with total confidence. And we have to stop and ask ourselves, “Who is that?”―”What does that “Woman” have that makes the people surrounding her appear rather ― dull?”

This article lists several differences between a “Girl” and a “Woman”. Take a look to see what category you might fall into.

1. A “Girl” needs a man to be the center of her universe. A  “Woman” needs no one; she completes herself.

2. A “Girl” nags and whines when things don’t go her way. A “Woman” is already out the door living life on her own terms.

3. A “Girl” chases people for attention.  A “Woman” realizes she doesn’t need constant reassurance― playing hard to get . . . is her game.

4. A “Girl” is irresponsible when it comes to birth control. A “Woman” has that covered. Men are not the only one’s carrying condoms in their wallets.

5. A “Girl” settles for a man to avoid loneliness. A “Woman” has no fear of being single.

6. A “Girl” has droopy posture and avoids confrontation. A “Woman” stands tall and looks people in the eyes― and let’s not forget, she’ll be the one giving the firm handshakes.

7. A “Girl” will apologize to a man if she doesn’t feel good enough. A “Woman” wonders if the man is good enough for her.

8. A “Girl” doesn’t pay attention to her gut instincts. A “Woman” is already on her feet and heading in the opposite direction.

9. A “Girl” worries about her looks and personality to keep a man’s interest. A “Woman” knows she’s intelligent, witty and believes beauty comes from within― and the man must work to keep her attention.

10. A “Girl” takes the back seat and accepts a man’s neglect. A “Woman” takes center stage and has already dumped that loser’s ass.

11. A “Girl” stresses over her weaknesses. A “Woman” knows her strengths and is not shy about showing them off.

12. A “Girl” worries about keeping up with the latest fashions trends. A “Woman” makes her own trends.

13. A “Girl” is bashful about sex. A “Woman” has no problem amping up the ‘SEXY’ in sex.

Little-Girl-or-a-Grown-Ass-Woman 14. A “Girl” values ‘likes’ on social media and is constantly posting selfies to show her self-worth. A “Woman” knows her value and doesn’t need to share it with the world.

15. A “Girl” doesn’t expect much in life. A “Woman” pursues her dreams.

VIABeverley Miles