How Do You Repost Something on Instagram?


Have you ever fell in love with a post, and you’d like to share that wonderful information with your family and friends on Instagram?

Well… you can. It’s as easy as pressing the share tab on your Facebook page.

  • After you find that wonderful post, you’ll need to take a screenshot to save it.
  • Now go to your Instagram page and press the plus symbol. That will show you all of your gallery photos. Then you select your most recent screenshot.
  • Time to edit that photo. Crop it to the size you want, then select the texting prompt.
  • This is when you give credit to the person who took the great shot or post by adding the @ symbol and typing in the name that appears on their Instagram.
  • Never forget to add in those hashtags or personalized emoji’s to make it look even better.
  • Wala… you are now set to re-post a great post!
VIADaily Treasure