How Long Can A Snail Sleep?

How Long Can A Snail Sleep?
How Long Can A Snail Sleep?

6 Months
1 Year
3 years
5 years

Answer: It may sound impossible, but a snail can sleep for three years.

Most of the time when we see a snail, they are motionless. Snails need moisture or they dry out and die. That’s why we mostly see them during their inactive state, safely tucked away in their shells until the weather is suitable to move.

Snails are hermaphrodites, meaning they do not need a mate to reproduce. They usually lay around thirty eggs under a stone that hatch without any parental oversight. If the weather gets too cold, a snail will bury itself underground for warmth. The gel or slim a snail produces, allows them to climb walls and glide over a razor blade without any harm.

They can hibernate for three years if the weather is unstable for survival. In the right climate, a snail can live for fifteen years, and in some rare cases, twenty-five― which just makes the snail a major bad-ass.

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