How Long Do You Have to Exercise to Burn Off A Slice of Cheesecake?


If you are like me, sometimes, you just need a sweet treat, or in other words… you crave it. Hard! Like chocolate? We only need a couple of bites to satisfy the taste buds but how many times do we eat the whole candy bar? Honestly, it’s too easy to overindulge and I for one, am an expert when it comes to biting off more than I can chew!

Focusing on how much effort is required to shed those unwanted calories might curb the temptation, though. I hate to be a buzz-kill, but just for “fun,” let’s compare our favorite high calories foods to the amount of exercise required to burn it off. It’s a little easier just to say “NO” when you realize how long you will be in the penalty box (Ooops, I meant the gym) when choosing that second piece of cake or adding whip cream to that latte!

This chart is not meant to pressure or scare anybody — actually, it’s empowering to know this stuff. Knowledge is power… or should I say “willpower”?
(Averages based on a 150-pound person)

One Slice of Cheesecake (257 Calories)

  • 25 minutes of CrossFit Burpees.
  • 24 minutes of Running!
  • 13 minutes of Jumping Rope!
  • 37 minutes walking at an average pace!

Now, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t ever indulge. A mouthful of joy now and then is pretty darn good for the soul. Simply, this is a reminder to use moderation and a little help to live your healthiest life.

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