How many calories are in a cup of fresh cranberries versus a cup of cranberry sauce?

Fresh Cranberries...
Fresh Cranberries...

Answer: There are 50 calories in a cup of fresh cranberries, whereas a cup of cranberry sauce is around 400 calories.

Due to the high sugar content in cranberry sauce is what spikes that delicious fruit up to a whopping 400 calories. Yikes! But is that not what makes the sauce sooooo good?

Other fun cranberry facts: Native American did consume the little red berry, but it was also used for medicinal purposes, and for dying their fabric and pottery. The top cranberry growers in the United States are Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington and New Jersey.

The cranberry name came from the pilgrims, stating the spring dropping fruit reminded them of a Crane’s head. 95% of the cranberries consumed are through the form of fruit juices, sauces, candies, etc. The first cranberry sauce was produced by the Cape Cod Cranberry Company in early 1900’s. If a cranberry bounces; it’s ripe and ready to eat. Yum!

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