How To Choose The Perfect Accessories…

How To Choose The Perfect Accessories…
How To Choose The Perfect Accessories…

Using the most popular colors of 2016

Let’s say you’re going on a date― and of course, you want to nail it. How can you do that? Listed below are a few simple tips that might help.

1. Solid Base With Solid Accent

The dress below is the “base” color, accompanied by another “solid-colored” accessory that compliments the dress. You want the base to be the biggest attention grabber. And Wala! You have an easy outfit for your next night out.

You want the cut of the dress to accentuate your waist.


Peachy-Pink compliments so many other colors, it’s an easy one to pull off. Here’s a perfect example of an adorable dress accented with a simple white clutch, and white open-toed shoes. Hip, trendy and youthful!


Animal prints might seem scary at first, but it’s simple to wear if you can find a nice fitting one, then accent the dress with accessories in different shades of red. It’s a beautiful, fun look that’s a real eye catcher.

The plunging neckline.


Rompers are in and with the solid base color, it’s another easy one to work with. By changing the accessories, you will give the same romper a different look each time. It’s super easy. A win! Win! for that hot date or dinner out with friends.

The Bodycon Date Night Look.


Teal. This is the color that says “yeah, I own it,” with confidence. Again, with this solid base, you have a beautiful pallet of colors you can use. We paired a white clutch with nude heels that compliment this striking color. Coral is another fun color that looks great with teal. During the winter months, a coral scarf would be another great way to accessorize. Have a good time!


Dark Grey is a great evening color and can be dressed up or down with the right accessories. We paired it with white heels and a nude clutch! Sooo Cute!

2. Switch The Base and Solid Accent

Start with something simple like a black skirt, shoes, and purse. Now, spice things up with a splash of color and you’re ready to go.


Rust. Here’s the same concept, just paired with different colors. Throw on a hat and some boots and you’ll get an entirely different look.

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