How To Flirt Without Speaking…

How To Flirt Without Speaking...
How To Flirt Without Speaking...

Spotting a happy couple is never hard to do. They’re the one looking at each other, and even though they’re not talking, the chemistry seems to sizzle between them, heating up the room.

Find out how to use your body to send out those sensual words without having to open your mouth.

Lean in closer than what’s considered normal

If you want to get your partner’s blood pumping, lean in real close. Maybe you’re just grabbing something from the fridge, either way, you slide in close enough that he will feel your breaths on the back of his neck, you might even nip the earlobe just for fun. Just a heads-up when you go with this approach at home, most likely it will turn into something more, but foreplay doesn’t have to start in the bedroom, make it last as long as you can. The anticipation of what’s coming can sometimes be as fun as the actual act itself.

Make intense eye contact

Nothing feels creepier than that bag-boy who keeps his lusty eyes on you while unloading your groceries, but if it’s your partner, nothing could be hotter. If you continue to stare, they’ll stare back. Flash a flirty grin to heat things up until your partner is compelled to reach over and touch you. I love doing this when my mate is across the room engaged in a conversation with one of his co-workers or buddies; nothing makes him lose his train of thought faster than a steamy stare. HILARIOUS!

The power of touch

Nothing speaks louder than the power of seductive touching. It’s easy just to reach out when you’re passing by and run a hand down his arm, or swat him on the ass as he’s walking up some steps. Another hot move is tracing a finger over his jawline or bottom lip, especially when you’re sitting silently in a car. Very sensual indeed.

Sit really close


Get your snuggle on! It’s awkward when we rub shoulders with some random person on a bus, yet when it’s someone you attracted too, it’s hot. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a movie theater or riding in the back seat of a car. Sit close or lean in for that outer thigh rub under a restaurant table. Trust me…. they’ll love it. His thoughts will be consumed with getting you naked and those sexy mind games can be just as exciting as making out in a public restroom.

Linger before leaving a room

Do you want your partner thinking about you way after you’ve left the room?― then just hang out by the door jamb for a few seconds before you have to leave for work and use that extra time to scan their body from the tip of their toes to the top of their head― and what the hell, lick those lips while you’re at it. For the rest of the day, he will have you on his mind envisioning all the things he wants to do with you when you get home. You can add more fuel to the fire by sending him a hot text or a sexy pic, building more anticipation.

Holding hands

This is one of my favorites. No matter where you go, even if it’s just a quick walk to the mailbox, hold hands. It’s a sure-fire way to say, “I belong to you and you belong to me.” So, the next time you’re walking around, grab your partner’s hand and don’t let go.

VIABeverley Miles