How To Start Meditating When You Don’t Want To…


What is meditation?

The best way to think of meditation is like “a warm bath for the mind so that you relax in such a way, maybe just 10% of your anxiety goes down, so you can be more effective and productive. Less reactive in other words. You don’t get carried away by knee jerk emotions, and judgements, obsessing on the past over something that happened or in the future. You’re actually able to do single tasks and focus.” ~ Tim Ferriss

The objective is to help you observe your state and your thoughts so that you are less controlled by them. When you have that somewhat detached observer perspective, you can be much calmer, much more appreciative, and much more effective.

A Playful Way To Start Meditating:

Step One: Find one song that puts you in a good mood, literally any genre.

Step Two: In the morning, you’re just going to sit comfortably. (Skip to 3:21 for ideas on different ways to sit.)

Step Three: Just sit there and breathe as you listen to that song. Your meditation will be 3-4 minutes long, and that’s it!


Thanks Tim Ferriss! Watch the full video below and tell us your favorite trick 🙂