How to stay ahead of your competitors…

How to stay ahead of your competitors…
How to stay ahead of your competitors…

How to stay ahead of your competitors…
If you’re on the move, trying to find a job in this competitive market, you need the right tools to stand out. This article outlines a few things that will help you land that job.

When you want people to take you seriously, you must know how to present yourself correctly. According to research, you get about 100 milliseconds to make that first impression. That’s the interval between gear changes on a Ferrari FXX.

There are three things you need to keep in mind when you walk into that interview room.

1. Presentation


Dress the part

Our first filter is appearance. That’s why it’s super important to look your best. Research has shown a well‐tailored look works best if you want to portray yourself as successful. Take your time in this area because the more put together you appear, the better your first impression will be.

Use the “Power Pose.”

Research shows your good posture will help raise your confidence and even lowers cortisol (the stress-induced hormone). According to Amy Cuddy “Power posing produces significant and immediate changes in your body’s chemistry. After just two minutes in a high-power pose, your testosterone levels — the “dominance” hormone — can skyrocket 20%.”

Speak with a smooth tone

Be careful not to “Upspeak” during your interview (it’s when you end a sentence on a higher note). Those small fluctuations in your voice will make you appear unsure, even if you don’t mean to. Bernard Marr said, “Upspeak has no place at work. If you would like a thriving career, then simply don’t do it!”

Give a proper handshake

A handshake is more than just making contact with another person, it’s a way to show respect, and portray a real presence. Square your shoulders, give a genuine smile, a firm grip and don’t pump unless the other person initiates it.

2. People Skills


Tell stories

You need to make a personal connection― and the best way to do that is by telling stories. According to Ted Talks, You want your interview to be “65% stories and 25% figures, with the remainder an explanation of your credibility.” If you fear you’ll be nervous, write your experiences down beforehand.

Show confidence and humility

This is an outstanding quality to show when trying to make a good first impression. According to Anthony K. Tjan, “Humility is the path towards earning respect, while self-confidence is the path towards it.” Remember to keep them in balance; it will be instrumental in your overall success.

Give them time to share

If you let people talk about themselves, it serves as a pleasure stimulant in their brain, the same as sex or a good meal according to Harvard research. When you allow time for sharing, it will form a stronger bond.

3. Knowledge


Be prepared for anything

This means do your research and be knowledgeable about the work you seek. Most employers like to throw out a few curveballs by scrutinizing your arguments, so be ready for anything by being overly prepared.

Stay current on a variety of subjects

Employers look for those “T-shaped” employees who are knowledgeable on a range of topics like tech, science, current events and pop culture. The more educated you can be, the more intelligently you can speak on certain business matters. It will show you are a well-rounded individual.

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