Keeping A Man’s Interest…By Thinking Like One

Keeping A Man’s interest...By Thinking Like One
Keeping A Man’s interest...By Thinking Like One

Most men think differently than women. Because of those differences, we make a lot of mistakes assuming they share the same thoughts and feelings as us. No, no, no. Different planets, remember? Mars vs. Venus or something to that effect?

The way to hook-line-and-sinker a man is by staying ahead of the male-thinking game. This is how to do it.

1. Keep a healthy distance

I know this feels odd (to women) but in the early stages (before you’re in a committed relationship) you need to make him chase you. When we meet a guy we like, women usually want to spend a lot of time with them, yet when we spend too much time with our guy, we take away a man’s natural instinct to hunt with the end game of winning us over. If we slightly distance ourselves, they will want to close that gap, creating a tempting challenge for them to accomplish. Win! Win!

2. Keep your options open

This goes back to #1: The hunt. When a man feels threatened, it energizes his competitive side. You might have other men who are interested, maybe not, but you want him to think you have other options available than just him. It will make you more alluring and desirable in his eyes. Plus, this is a new man, you want to take your time and get to know him before you ever start rearranging your life. That’s just playing it smart.

3. Stay busy

Most men have a social schedule they keep with their friends, like poker night, different sporting events and their personal downtime. You need to think the same way. Don’t rearrange your life to accommodate him. Keep busy with your own schedule. Plan nights out with your friends– and don’t neglect your downtime either. He will find you a lot more attractive if you have a stable social life.

4. Keep how you feel a secret

At first, you don’t want him to know you think or talk about him constantly. You want him to be the first one to reveal his feeling. Stay solid and play it cool, it’s what men do to women all the time, and it just makes us want them more, right? Turn it around on him so that you’re the one in the driver’s seat by keeping him guessing. Then when things become clear on where you stand with him, you can express your feelings.

5. Don’t sleep with him until you know he’s smitten

No doubt, men think about sex all the time, and for sure… he will try to make that move, but they look at women differently if they think you’re easy. If you have respect for yourself, he will have no choice but to show the same. By setting higher standard right from the start, it will make a stronger foundation for the future.

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