Learn To Be Selfish, Your Family Will Thank You For It…

Learn To Be Selfish, Your Family Will Thank You For It...
Learn To Be Selfish, Your Family Will Thank You For It...

Enlightened selfishness is the basis of all inspired service to the world. It superficially appears like the most unusual paradox, but when examined reveals an essential truth:

“A man can only give his gift proportionate to how much he is open to receiving the gifts of the universe”

But it’s wrong to be selfish…..right?

One of the greatest misconceptions of modern society is that being selfish is always unfair to others. The road to sainthood is through the path of selfless service to others is what we are taught.

On one level, un-evolved selfishness can definitely upset the harmony in a family.

A man who spends whatever time he wants doing whatever he wants after work regardless of whether or not his clan members have their needs met is not a great leader. Often, wives in such cases are at their limit taking the slack for his laziness and lack of focus.

Be in the Right Category

But if you are reading this you are probably not one that fits into the above category, right?

The selfishness that is needed is one that helps build and maintain the personal momentum of focused inspiration to lead your clan in the face of whatever life hits you with. Assuming the role of clan leader is one of life’s most sacred and important roles so it requires your greatest attention.

Complexity Draws Out Your Best

The complexity of modern life requires a consistent level of optimal performance by any man who aims to lead his family inspiringly to reach its full potential, both individually and collectively.

Any great performer in the world, from any discipline, base their greatest on their preparation. Read about the lives of world leading musicians, sports stars, athletes, spiritual leaders and you will see that they developed their own unique routine that helped wring every last drop of inspiration from their depths. That is why they become known as the greats.

Your Highest Imaginable Example

To lead by your highest imaginable example takes unparalleled commitment to preparation.

You are preparing to play the roles of provider, teacher, spiritual counsellor, personal coach, psychologist, chef, healer, business man, time management expert etc. in your everyday life for your family.

It’s insane to think you can just be your inspirational best as a clan leader by just turning up!

Alignment with your Sacred Power

By preparation I am talking about alignment with your deepest spiritual power. A Zen Clan Leader structures his life completely around his alignment to source energy, God, Buddha nature, life force; whatever the wording your heart resonates with is unimportant.

The aim is to consciously prepare yourself to bring out your inspired best. To inspire one must be in-spirit.

Our greatest power to be of service to our family and humanity is harnessed when we are at our happiest. Indeed our happiness is our greatest gift to our family and the world.

Receive the Universe

To be at our happiest requires dedicated time to conscious receiving of our own deepest needs, the gifts of the universe so to speak: love, optimal health, abundance, joy, peace etc.

To receive these gifts fully, we must align our minds to allow the unhindered flow of them into our reality. If your life is packed with responsibilities for others and little or no time is left for you, this stops flow causing stagnation.

Full flow can only happen when dedicated time has been taken to prepare ourselves to receive. Meditation, yoga, spiritual teachings, relaxation time, prayer are examples of how we as humans use our time to feel inspired and loved.

Hit the Issue at the Root

It has all to do with our perceptions. From our birth until the present moment, we have all formed many beliefs consciously and unconsciously.

The regular presence of frustration, annoyance, stress, anger, boredom and the likes are signs that we have unconscious emotional crap cutting the natural flow of well-being that is ours to enjoy.

Mediocre men just accept persistent negative emotions as an unquestionable part of life; clan leaders absolutely do not.

Stride Towards Your Greatness

Your greatest gift that you can give your wife, children and the world at large is your happiest self. For your family, five minutes in your inspired presence is more enlivening than five hours with an everyday frustrated martyr.

Before you can serve your gift or offering to others you first must be in alignment with your inner values and life purpose. Give yourself the sacred time to structure your life in a way that inspires you letting you serve your best self to those in your world. Practice this enlightened selfishness, and then amaze the world into inspired action!