Sport Your Bathing Suit With Confidence

Sport Your Bathing Suit With Confidence
Sport Your Bathing Suit With Confidence

Few things can cause women to feel more dread than hitting the beach in an unflattering bathing suit. To make matters worse, many women find every bathing suit unflattering.

“Not so,” say the makers of Miraclesuit, a designer of ladies’ figure-enhancing swimwear. Women can enjoy the sun and the sand in health, beauty and confidence. Here are some tips for women looking to put their best sandal forward:

– Pick the right suit. Your dress size doesn’t determine your bathing suit size, so try on the same suit in several different sizes to find the best fit.

Some brands make swimsuits especially designed to flatter female bodies. Miraclesuit swimwear ( offers several types of bust support, such as soft cups, hidden underwires, foam bras, and foam bras with underwires, and uses shirring, draping, pleating and skirts to accentuate the positives.

– Accessorize. The beach outfit means more than just the suit. Choose a stylish, dramatic hat. The hat will draw attention to your face while also offering sun protection. Bright earrings also help draw eyes upward. If you choose to wear a sarong, don’t hide under it -; all of that extra fabric can make you look larger. Espedrille sandals accentuate legs without compromising comfort.

– Make yourself feel pretty. Do what it takes to boost your self-confidence, whether that means a new haircut or a day at the spa. After hiding in boots all winter, your toes will undoubtedly enjoy a relaxing pedicure. Exfoliating your skin with a sugar rub can give you a healthy, beach-worthy glow, and waxing can make you feel smooth and gorgeous. Sand, salt water and chlorine can all irritate sensitive skin, so plan to exfoliate and wax a few days before you hit the sand.

– Stand tall and smile. Your posture and your expression communicate as much sex appeal as anything else. Look like you’re having fun, and people will find you more attractive.

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