Textually Active?

Textually Active?
Textually Active?

Texting etiquette― the do’s and don’t’s in the world of social communication through the form of texting.

We all have to admit how awesome texting is and how it’s changed the way we communicate with others. It makes our lives a helluva lot easier. However, there are still those people who annoy us with their bad texting habits. In this article, we list several scenarios on what NOT to text and how to deal with those texting offenders. Check ‘em out…

It’s Time For TEXT ED.

The Textual Revolution; Etiquette.


  • The amount of acceptable EMOJI (Emoticon categories. AKA: Smiley faces~ Etcetera) allowed in a single message?- 4
  • How long before it’s too late to respond to a text? 48 hours (Parents or Grammie 1 ½ months)
  • Max amount of exclamations?- 3
  • (Exclusions: When Jon Snow Dies in Game of Thrones) then by all means, let them rip; FCOL!!!!!! (for crying out loud) Am I right? 
  • The amount of time you need to show up when you’ve texted?― “Leaving now”. 25 minutes, otherwise you’re rude and really saying; “When pigs fly.

What time is proper to text a friend after a wild night of partying? 12 (noon). Otherwise, it could turn into something awkward for you both if they are still with someone. TMI… True?

How to Respond to Those People Who Do NOT Follow The Texting Etiquette Rules



Dad, I’m at Jen’s.


I know, but I left my backpack? Be home soon.



Hey, why the attitude?

When you get those all caps yellers, just yell back. Usually, they’ll get the point to back off.

The Silent Type

You up for a Netflix night?

T I C K T O C K – T I C K T O C K 

Hey, Ron, Chris Hemsworth just showed up at my door and wants to watch movies with me. Can you believe it?

What? You’re joking?

Oh, I was just checking to make sure your fingers didn’t fall off. I’m actually going out tonight. I might text you later… if I feel like it.

Quoting a Movie Type

I love you.

C H I R P I N G -C R I C K E T S 

If Noah Calhoun can write Allie 365 love letters, I think you can at least text me back. Gah!


Baby, I miss you. Can’t wait to see you.

S I L E N C E –

Okay, wow. You must’ve fainted from the joy of knowing that I miss you so much. Once you’ve regained consciousness, please call me. (SAD FACE emoji app)

Creative Type

Hey 🙂

N O T H I N G –


What so funny?

I was laughing because you must be writing me a novel since I haven’t heard from you.

If you come up with a funny story, they will have to respond, and then it’s up to you on what to do with them.

Texting When You’re With Friends.

This scenario is when you’re at a restaurant with a bunch of your friends, and everyone is on their phones texting away. Super annoying! Grab your cell and show them how rude they are by sending them a group text.


Heads will pop up and look at you once they’ve received the message. Most will laugh, but the point has been made to live in the moment that’s right in front of you. Sheesh!

Rude Texter at the Movie Theater

When that blue or white light shows up in a blackened theater, it’s so annoying. This is how you deal with that rude offender: Have one of your friends call you, then answer it and say;
“Yeah, this movie blows because this a**hole in front of me keeps texting and it’s really distracting.

BURN! Put the embarrassment back on the rude texter; he’ll get the point.

I hope these tips help; it was fun researching all the different ways to deal with people when using our most common form of communication, TEXTING. We all need to be more cognizant of how we use modern technology and the impact it has on ourselves and the others around us, no matter where we are.

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