The “Stop It” Technique

The "Stop It" Technique
So you know how you sometimes get drawn to something and keep going back even when it ends up not that great each time… We can get ourselves out of these open loops by closing it cleanly in ourself rather than reaching outward. The devil gets us by offering us what we “kind of” want.
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Sometimes it feels good to “kind of” get what we want. Maybe it seems better to have a taste of it than to have none of it at all. Seems rational. …so why the irrational loop that keeps us coming back over and over when we already know it’s not really that great?


Maybe some time passes and we forget what it was like, so we go back again. Maybe we learned firsthand e x a c t l y  why it’s not that great, but we just don’t like that answer so we’re going back to try and change it or to give life to another possibility.

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After a while, when we’re just strained and wondering why this is happening and why it’s still going on – we can apply this tool from DailyTreasure’s (DT) Treasure Trove Toolkit™️:

The “Stop It” Technique

So if you’ve been acting whiny, spinning out in your thoughts, shutting down – pushing people and things away, or maybe picking fights to feel better and create some drama to escape ~ this technique is for you. It’s very simple and best illustrated by comedian Bob Newhart in the following clip:

Now your job is to replay that voice in your head the next time you get into a weakened state and start exhibiting behaviors that don’t benefit you, mkay?

Comment below either: (1) what you will be using the “stop it” technique for, or (2) what is it that you find yourself going back to when you know you shouldn’t….

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