Time to see yourself as beautiful. No more body shaming…

Time to see yourself as beautiful. No more body shaming…
Time to see yourself as beautiful. No more body shaming…

Everyone is unique, different and their own kind of beautiful and still most women have some insecurity issues rolling around their pretty little heads. It’s time to stop comparing ourselves to those magazine model airbrushed beauties. Once we can embrace our beauty, those advertising media moguls pushing the perfectly “perceived” bodies will no longer have the power to make us feel lacking.

Own It Ladies

You might be curvy, athletic, thin or big boned and the key to feeling good is owning the confidence to strut your stuff. No one makes the rules but you. Trends roll around all the time. There is no shortage of style apps and articles on how to wear the new trend in a way that compliments your body type.

Block out those who exploit

Don’t support those who exploit women for personal gain. Our buying dollar goes a long way ladies and personally, I am not supporting those magazines with the airbrushed, photoshopped stick figures. Be a part of the movement that does something about this fake world the media wants us to accept. If we refuse to buy into their ridiculous ideas, they can’t influence us, right? Damn straight!

Encourage others

When you see a woman that’s “rocking it,” TELL HER she looks great. I see all types of women with different shapes turning heads because they love who they are. If you believe you’re beautiful, how can others not see it too? We find men with confidence super damn sexy, why do we not apply that rule to ourselves? It’s time to play hardball ladies and believe in ourselves.

Work out because you love how you look

Some of us go to the gym because we have a muffin top that we want to improve. How about starting a new mindset of going to the gym because we want to stay healthy?  When we create new rules, the game has to change, and that’s how we begin to build a better self-image.

Shun the “haters”

Don’t allow anyone to make you feel bad about yourself, especially men. If they have an idea in their heads of what flawless is ― then by all means, set them free to chase that unattainable dragon. We all age, get wrinkles and gray hair and someday he will see himself in the mirror with those things. Good luck on attaining that perfection!  Ha! He’s a sorry sap and not worth your time. Move on.

Buy swimwear you feel good in

There’s a large variety of swimwear nowadays, so pick the one that complements your uniqueness and gives you more confidence. When that beach party comes around, you’ll be prepared and willing to join in the festivities, not hide under a towel because you don’t like how you look. Remember, confidence is attractive. Make that a part of your new, “I’m Loving Every Part Of Myself”, campaign.

Take care of yourself

Make an effort to do the things we all know we’re supposed to be doing, like eating right, exercising and curbing our “vices” intake. When we do things right, we will just feel better both mentally and physically. When we start embracing our uniqueness and becoming our own best friends by loving ourselves, good things will come our way.

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