Top 10 Best Vacation Destinations…

Top 10 Best Vacation Destinations...
Top 10 Best Vacation Destinations...

The world is a wide, wonderful expanse of incredibly unique travel destinations filled with culture and inspiration for the explorer’s soul. Around nearly every corner lies yet another place with something new to learn, experience, or discover. If you have a nomadic heart, we want to help you forge your path to rejuvenation and find your next adventure. From sandy beaches to history-rich cities and even the world’s hottest party spots, you’ll find a little bit of everything on this list.

Majorca, Spain

Majorca is about as romantic as you can get. High-end hotels, gourmet restaurants, and shopping boutiques sit against a lush backdrop of orchards, forests, and pristine beaches, inspiring your senses and your self-indulgence.

Take the historic train ride through the town of Soller, then explore the nearby beaches and find one of many hidden coves. Or, head in to the Palma Cathedral or the Bellver Castle to experience history as it stands, even today.

Rome, Italy

When in Rome, do as the Romans! Visiting Rome is all about submerging yourself in ancient history while enjoying high fashion, incredible food, and the arts.

Visit the Sistine Chapel and stand in awe of Michelangelo’s most famous work. Or, immerse yourself in ancient architecture with a walk through Ostia Antica where some of history’s most famous Romans walked long before you were born.

Santorini, Greece

There’s just something compelling about Santorini – seeing it for the first time is truly love at first site. Unique Grecian buildings whitewashed and dotted with blue roofs make it look a bit like something out of Game of Thrones or a fantasy novel. Towering cliffside views of the sea, hiking, eco-friendly hotels, and GREAT wine make your experience complete.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a Croatian city that sits just at the edge of the Adriatic sea. While it certainly isn’t the “party capital,” it’s noteworthy for many other reasons. Dramatic defensive walls enclose the entire city, and once served as protection from intruders. Today, they’re just a fantastic reminder of how far humans have come. Visit Old Town in the city core for even more historical exploration.

The Maldives

We aren’t narrowing this one down to a specific place in the Maldives because pretty much every inch of the islands is just as beautiful as the next. Crystal-clear warm water, coral reefs, sandy bottoms, luxury hotels and resorts with secluded accommodations – this is a place for sweethearts and anyone who just needs to escape real life to solitude in paradise now and again.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles isn’t a single place at all – it’s a collection of around 115 different islands sitting just off the coast of Africa’s eastern coast. These tiny yet dramatic islands look like something straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean.

For islands, the Seychelles are surprisingly diverse. Explore mountainous regions, rainforests, sandy beaches, and even a hidden spice plantation as you hop from island to island in bliss.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Most people think of the Christ the Redeemer statue that towers over the city when they think of Rio, but that’s far from what this beautiful and happening spot has to offer. Rio just happens to be one of the best party cities in the world. Stop by the Copacabana and dance the night away with a friend – or find someone new to befriend instead.

Bangkok, Thailand

Another exotic party city, Bangkok is ridiculously affordable yet somehow immensely luxurious at the same time. For nightlife, Bangkok Magazine recommends checking out Royal City Avenue, Khao San Road, or Thonglor Soi 10. All three are the best party streets in the entire city, with plenty of options for music.

Paris, France

How could we write about vacations without mentioning Paris, France? It’s still one of the most romantic cities in the world, but it’s also an incredible solo exploration zone if you’re into the arts, culture, or just great food. Croissants for breakfast, the Eiffel tower at lunch. Then, strolling the Latin Quarter, which has been present since Medieval times. What’s not to love?

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the outdoorsy-girl’s paradise. Stop in at Silfra, where massive tectonic plates create a water-filled rift with tubing and swimming options. Venture forth to explore the most incredible natural phenomenon in the world, including the Gullfoss double-tiered waterfall. End your adventure at the Blue Lagoon in Reykjanes and swim in the most famous hot pool in the world.