Traits Everyone is Attracted to…

Traits Everyone is Attracted to…
Traits Everyone is Attracted to…

When it comes to attracting that special person, what is considered a major turn on? If you are already in a relationship, what originally attracted you to that special someone? Did they have a witty sense of humor, impress you with their intelligence or did they just smell amazing? We polled our readers and will now reveal their biggest turn ons.

The Eyes Have It

Most would agree that kind eyes reveal a sneak peek into a person’s world. Kind and gentle eyes appear less threatening, thus making them more attractive. Intense eyes can be sexy and mysterious. Someone that looks exhausted and puffy could be a major turn off, so be sure to take care of your peepers. Bottom line: The eyes have it!

A Great Smile

A smile can go a long way, so it’s important to have good oral hygiene. When someone flashes those pearly whites; you know they take care of themselves. Major turn off – butter colored or plaque covered teeth. Besides, taking care of your teeth is essential to taking care of your health — and breath! A beautiful smile doesn’t mean your teeth must be perfectly straight, afterall, who doesn’t love a crooked little grin?


It’s refreshing to have a conversation around current events or be able to woo the crowd on trivia night. Intelligence doesn’t require an Einstein IQ, but knowledge is power. Smart is the new sexy. It never hurts to READ a book, watch the news, look over the newspaper, or tune into a documentary every once in awhile. Major turn off: Mr. or Ms. Know-it-All or Arrogant ~ good luck finding dates if you’ve got your nose in the air!

Sense of Humor

People love someone who can laugh at themselves. A major turn on for most is someone with a great sense of humor. Individuals who are comfortable in their own skin, with a carefree spirit says a lot about that person. Laughing is beautiful, even if you snort. Major turn off: Debbie Downer or Buzz Killington ~ now don’t they make a great couple!?!


Everyone should have a signature fragrance or cologne that suits their personality and lifestyle. Scents have the ability to linger leaving a good memory or an appalling one. Don’t like cologne or maybe you are allergic? Just be sure that you wash up — yes, with soap — regularly. Scent can be a major turn on and odor a major turn off!

Physical Attractiveness

Of course, not all of us were born to be a Sports Illustrated model or have the time to work out like a guy from the Spartacus series, but our outer appearance does matter. Everyone owes it to themselves to eat healthy, exercise and take pride in what they do and who they are as a person. It’s important to be clean, groomed and pleasantly dressed if you want others to be attracted to you. Your personality, intelligence and being quick to laugh are important, too. So, maximize your best traits and you’ll master being attractive. That old saying… we only get one chance to make a first impression, so remember to make it a good one.

VIABeverley Miles