What Percentage of People With Online Dating Profiles are Married?

What percentage of people with online dating profiles are married?
What percentage of people with online dating profiles are married?
  • 5%
  • 10%
  • 35%
  • 55%

Answer: 35% of people with an online dating profile are married.

It’s a shocking number. So why are married people on dating websites?

They feel like they’re missing out on something. Most of them never plan on leaving their partner, but they still want to see what’s out there. It fills an emotional void they feel they are missing on the inside.

They want the fantasy of the perfect relationship. Internet dating is the ideal place to play but not touch. They will post things like “looking for a deep connection,” “looking for someone who likes great sex,” or “must be in perfect physical shape.” In reality, how many of those criteria’s are fulfilled? Very few. By setting up unrealistic expectations, they are keeping potential matches at arm’s length so that it’s never more than a game of paper dolls. Most people are smart enough to know that the perfect relationship doesn’t exist, but it doesn’t stop them from playing around with the illusion they’ve created.

It feeds their ego. Most personal details on those dating sites are exaggerated. If an individual is feeling insecure, that injury is filled by other people’s compliments or reactions to their photoshopped lives. Even though they will never actually step away from their computer and act on these delusions, it still fuels their depleted ego.

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