What Your Sleeping Position Says About You…

What your sleeping position says about you...
What your sleeping position says about you...

It’s really surprising how much you can tell about a person just by the way they sleep. If you are someone who tends to rest in the same position each night; you’ll be able to relate to this astonishingly well! Here are some common sleeping trends see which one describes you best!

The Fetal Position.


This is the most common position in the world. People who tend to sleep this way are prone to stress, and anxiety. They can be described as the shy, sensitive, and compassionate type.

The Starfish.

This is the position that causes snoring and a hard night’s sleep. Although they toss and turn all night; these sleepers tend to be great friends. Very understanding, good listeners, and great for advice!

The Soldier.

This is a position that causes a rough night’s sleep, and can increase back pain. People that sleep like this are the smart and silent type.

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