Why sisters make the best BFF’s


History is the bonding agent between siblings. Growing up with a sister can be a nightmare and one of life’s greatest joys. It’s something I have come to appreciate now that I have my own kids. There were moments of incessant fighting, competing for attention and stealing each other’s clothes. There were squabbles over boys’ and my favorite one liner “She did it!” whenever Mom asked, “How did this happen?” History is what makes sisters the best besties. Listed below are a few reasons why sisters are so awesome.

She’ll save you a fortune in therapy.

We all have some issues, and no one knows that better than the other someone raised in the same house. When you need to vent, sisters already know the main characters in your life. They GET IT, which is a huge relief because no further explanations are necessary. You’ve spent years hurting each others’ feelings, so when the no-holds-barred advice comes out on a touchy subject, she’ll have no problem spelling it out. (No matter how much it pains you.)

She’s always got your back.

She’s used to covering for you, like that time you were almost caught sneaking out with friends during high-school and the night you were sick after stealing Dad’s Jack-D from his private stash. Let’s not forget… she can keep a secret because you’ve both stocked piled plenty of blackmail material on each other.

She’s your go-to buddy for anything.

Late-night nacho run, check. Binge-watching “Scream Queens” no-prob. The “look” that means you don’t even need to speak are shoes only a sister can fill. Plus they know exactly what we need, even when we don’t. Sometimes it’s a slap upside the head, but hey… payback’s a bitch, right?

If a fight breaks out, she’ll be the first one throwing a punch.

Growing up you fought all the time, but if someone else mistreats you, it’s war! No one says “Those jeans make your but look big,” but your sister, am I right?― and in reality, wasn’t she the one who taught you how to punch like a dude, not a girl? AKA: Your personal bodyguard for life.

You’re stuck with her forever.

She’s been there through all of your ups and downs and will never judge you. ( Although she will definitely make fun of you!) What other person has seen you walking around naked, picking your nose or boosts your self-esteem by laughing at all your dumb jokes? – Your SISTER… It’s the one true person who will accept you just the way you are, and that’s why sisters make the best BFF’s in the world.

To my favorite BFF.

I love you, Sis.

Written by Beverley Miles

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