4 Red Flags Every Single Person Should Watch Out for While Dating


(DailyTreasure.com) – Dating can feel like a fun and adventurous time in your life. Of course, there’s going to be nervousness and vulnerability as well. You never really know how a date might go, or what types of red flags the person you’re seeing will show. Whether on the first date or the 50th, there are at least four red flags every single person should watch out for while dating someone new.

They Love Bomb You

It might seem sweet that someone is showing so much affection. When it starts from day one, though, you’ve got to wonder why a person would be calling, texting, coming over, and wanting your attention 24/7. The term “lovebombing” refers to an excessive amount of love that essentially feels like it’s bombarding your life. It quickly leads to codependency, not to mention manipulation. “I did this for you, and bought you that, so you should love me,” may be heard often.

They Ignore Your Boundaries

If you tell someone you want to wait to be intimate until a third date, and they still make an attempt on the first or second, they’re ignoring your boundaries. Whether your objection is related to physical or mental limitations, you should be able to say you don’t like something or don’t want to do something without the other person ignoring you.

An Even Bigger Red Flag Is When They Pressure You

What’s even worse is when you feel pressured to do something. You said you didn’t want to get physical just yet, and not only do they still try, but they also continue to pester you about it. They pressure you and act like you’re doing them such a huge disservice if you don’t want to go all the way or do what they want on their terms.

A Date Doesn’t Guarantee Full Access

Another way people push your boundaries is by thinking they can get 24/7 access to you. Just because you’re dating, doesn’t mean a person gets full access to you at all times. Say you’re out with friends. The person you’re dating constantly texting, calling, and trying to check in may be showing the warning signs of a controlling personality. You’re allowed to spend time with other people — or even have time to yourself — without your date inserting themselves into your plans.

They Tell “White Lies”

The term “white lies” refers to small lies that don’t seem like a big deal. These little fibs may not seem like they matter much, but when someone you’re dating is constantly telling you non-truths, it can be very difficult to build trust. You begin to wonder just what is real and what isn’t, which eventually leaves you questioning everything.

They Won’t Compromise

Compromise is necessary for a relationship. Each person will have their own ideas and desires. Even something as simple as whether to have pizza for dinner may become a problem if one person is always getting their way and the other never has a say.

These are, of course, just a few red flags. Every person is going to have their own set of red flags that matter to them. Don’t ignore yours. If you don’t feel comfortable with the things your partner is doing or saying, the relationship won’t have a positive impact on your mental well-being. Take note of your boundaries and possible red flags so you can identify them easily as you’re dating. Go out and have fun. Try something new on dates. Just be safe in the process.

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