Are You An Over Thinker?

Are You An Over Thinker?
Are You An Over Thinker?

Have you ever been guilty of overthinking? Meditation or pondering over something is a good thing, however, if you stress over every little decision and always question yourself – that can be exhausting! See if you qualify as an over thinker.

Do your thoughts keeps you up at night?

Do you replay or scrutinize your conversations from work? “Why did Tammy leave early today? Did I upset her? I shouldn’t have had that extra shot in my coffee; it made me edgy, and I think people noticed a change in my behavior. WHAT? HOW CAN IT BE 1:57 AM?” If this happens regularly, then you’re an over-thinker.

Does it take you 40 minutes to pick out your clothes?

“If I wear this, others might think I’m fishing for attention. Will these jeans make my butt look big? Yep, they make my butt look big. I might need a cardigan if it gets too cold. Okay, now I need different pants to go with this cardigan.” This could be a sign of some serious “self-doubt” issues. Questioning everything about your life will suck your time away. Make a decision and stick with it. Setting your clothing out the night before will shorten your morning prep time giving you more time for other things.

Question the emoji apps people add with their texts?

“Charlie sent clapping hands, was that approval or sarcasm? My boyfriend didn’t send a heart with his text, could this mean we’re breaking up?” Dumb thoughts pop into our heads whether we want them too or not. Don’t dwell on those thoughts too long. Learn to shut them down before they turn toxic.

Studying the meaning behind every social media post?

“Why didn’t Larry tag Marci in that photo? Are they having problems? Maybe I should call Marci and find out?” When you spend hours surfing through other people’s lives; it means you’re not living yours. It’s not shameful to admit you have a problem and seek help. Facebook addiction is not uncommon, and if you feel like you can’t disconnect from others, maybe it’s time you make that self-help call. Set a limit on the amount of time you browse your social media. Consider this…an actual break from technology. Can you go a week without checking FB?

Do you have constant buyer’s remorse?

“Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have bought that lamp? But then again that corner is really dark. I probably should’ve bought the green one instead of the blue. I hope if I go back tomorrow, they’ll let me exchange it. WHAT? HOW IS IT 10:38 PM? I need to go to bed.” Choices, choices, choices, will forever be a constant in our lives. If it helps, make a pros and cons list before purchasing a big-ticket item. Yet, if you’ve splurged on something small, be kind to yourself by being happy with your choices. Otherwise, you wasted more precious energy worrying about a small matter. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill and remember, time is a currency once spent you will never get back.