Surviving Another Monday…

Surviving Another Monday…
Surviving Another Monday…

If you were good this weekend and stayed home and read a book or planted flowers in your yard, you’re already one step ahead of the game. However, for all those people who were a little naughty and had too much fun drinking, physically exerted themselves or staying up waaaaay too late, Monday’s can be more of a challenge to survive.

Here are a few tips that will help get you through the day.

Drink plenty of water and a little caffeine

No matter what you’ve done the day before, water refreshes a worn-out, dehydrated, and tired body. It aids in the prevention of muscle cramps, headaches, cotton mouth and helps the kidneys force out whatever excess made it into your body this weekend. Before you leave for work, grab that water bottle and fill it with lemon slices, electrolytes and a little ice –  anything to incentivise more liquid than your usual intake. A little bit of caffeine goes a long way in helping to open up those capillaries and tame that pounding drum inside your head.

Concealer and lipstick (MEN, shaving cream, and a razor)

Nothing will hide those dark circles under your eyes better than the magic of concealer. Gently pat it on wherever it’s needed. Gloss those pale lips with a lovely lipstick and then you will be able to tackle your day. For all of you hung-over men, a good clean shave, and a nice clean shirt can do wonders.

Baseball Cap― and if Necessary, Sunglasses

For those extreme cases when you choose sleep over the morning prep time you need to get ready for work― and hey… we’ve all been there. Throw a cap on over that hot mess of a hair-do and grab those dark sunglasses. Then you’ll be ready to face the world through the gentle filter of a shaded face, tinted eyes― and you never know, you might go unnoticed entirely.

Eat a Healthy Salad for Lunch

Start your week off with something healthy like fresh fruit or a light salad to fit the bill if your stomach is still protesting the abuse you ingested the night before. When your appetite returns, skip the steak and go for the chicken soup instead. You don’t want anything too heavy or hard to digest, save that for tomorrow.

Go to bed an hour earlier

When your body must recover, sleep is your best friend. Our bodies need sleep to refresh and repair the “fun” we’ve inflicted over the weekend. If you have trouble falling asleep, grab a book, or take a hot bath to help your mind wind down. Monday’s can be tough, but with these few simple tips, they just got a lot easier.