Cancer Horoscope

Oct 2, 2020… Your mind could be in the clouds today. If you aren’t paying attention, this can lead to stubbed toes and even a few minor injuries. Certainly, you’ve heard of people texting and walking only to fall into manholes or plunge from cliffs. Don’t let that be you. Keep your eyes up and focused on life’s little potholes and don’t succumb to the day’s distractions. You will get time to address whatever is on your mind over the weekend, but for now, taking care to remain focused can keep you happy and healthy.

Today’s Soul Advice: Sometimes we get so wrapped up waiting for a good thing to come along that we let life pass us by. We fear that if we live our lives, we’ll miss the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. The thing is, opportunities come to us even when we’re living life — especially when we’re living life. Don’t stagnate your life away. Live it up!