Why Brothers Are So Awesome…

Why Brothers Are So Awesome...
Why Brothers Are So Awesome...

Some people believe being the middle child is unfortunate, but I know I was lucky to have fallen into that spot. It allowed me to be super close to both of my siblings since there wasn’t a huge age gap between us. I have my awesome brother to thank for my wonderful childhood. He was rambunctious, full of life and up for anything. I don’t like to brag, but it’s easy when you have a brother like mine. We won the lottery with him. Here are some of the many reasons brothers ROCK!

They make the best sidekicks

It didn’t matter if we were gathering a truckload of firewood to heat the house for winter, climbing the roof just to see the view, or playing Atari. He made it exciting. It was like having a best friend tag alongside me all day long. I was never bored, ignored or lonely thanks to my trusty sidekick.

Brothers put up with almost anything

He’s one helluva trooper! How many boys would let their sister dress them up in girly clothes or apply makeup?― very few. My brother was never “too cool” for me. When I went through my princess stage, he let me pile on the costume jewelry, fancy clothes, and long flowing wigs. He would, however, give me the occasional eye roll before we ran around the house conquering kingdom after kingdom. But don’t you dare deny it, you looked adorable in pink! We had some fantastic adventures, and I have some amazing blackmail photos to prove it. Thank goodness that stage didn’t last long, or my best buddy might have thrown in the towel.

They make you laugh

Now that I’m grown and have my kids, I know how unique and special our relationship is and still to this day, no one can make me laugh harder than my brother. One of the several quirky memories that make me laugh; not too many siblings got to run through pastures with our lightsabers, chasing the animals around as if they were stormtroopers threatening the security of our rebel base.

They are supportive… no matter what

When I was socially clueless and thought I could break-dance, BOOM! my brother danced with me. When I colored my hair a disgraceful blonde, he lied and told me I looked pretty. He encouraged me through a few career choices and accepted my husband as if he had another brother. Not many women have brothers and husbands who are best friends, but like I said, I’m one of the lucky ones.

Nothing seems to faze them

My sister and I were typical teenagers, so my brother learned to roll with the punches while living in an estrogen-fueled environment. He always kept his cool. What childhood would be complete without a little ER drama? There were a few motorcycle accidents, broken bones and then not once but twice -getting hit by a car. Maybe this is why he’s grown up to be tough as nails. Chaos and drama never seem to unhitch his happy-go-lucky spirit, something I truly love about him and also envy.

They grow up to be “Great-Guys.”

Since he grew up with two sisters, he respects the hell out of women. I never get that disdained expression some men reserve for women they perceive as slow or clueless. He’s only shown admiration. He’s grown into the man you hope your daughters and nieces will find, and he’s that dream dad every kid wants. (Did I mention he’s pretty awesome?)

The memories with my brother will stand the test of time

I have so many great memories that I recall often. Every winter when the full moon shines over a thick blanket of snow creating an almost a daylight effect, I remember staying up waaay too late, crunching through the snow throwing poker chips at each other… and of course, laughing. The sweet fragrance of a summer rain transports me back in time to mom’s garden. We ran up the hill with a salt shaker in hand to eat those vine ripened tomatoes. The distinct aroma of the county fair reminds me of milking cows and gathering fresh eggs before school. A few lucky people experience that unique farm lifestyle― I’m grateful I did.

Whenever you need them, they’ll be there

If I need my brother, he’s at my door ASAP. He’s always had my back, even when I’m dead wrong. Again, how did I get so lucky? Thank you, universe!!!

To my awesome brother,

I love you! ♥