When Dating, Why Drunk-Texting is Never a Good Idea…

We all do things we shouldn’t when alcohol is involved. It can make a bad idea seem like good one. The last thing we want to do is add something else to the regrets list by using poor judgment.

If you just met someone who has potential to be boyfriend material, we don’t want to turn them off by showing them a side that really isn’t us (our drunk side).

Here are a few reasons why drunk-texting is never a good idea.

Needy is not attractive

Drunk-texting reveals you don’t have any other options available, and you’re clinging on to him for dear life. When you text too early, or heaven forbid; send a vodka-fueled text, it lowers your chance that he’ll ever contact you again.

He knows you’re thinking about him

When you’re with friends, drinking and having fun, you shouldn’t be thinking about a guy you just met. We need to live in the moment we are in now. Otherwise, he’ll think your social life is lacking and that you have nothing better to do than sit in a dark corner and think about him. It’s a weakness we never want to show. EVER!

It reveals your crazy side

We all make mistakes when we drink, but the last message you want to portray is that you lack self-control. If you wouldn’t say something when you’re sober, don’t make the mistake and express it through a text when you are drunk.

You lose the upper hand

Men love to chase women who are mysterious. When you’re with friends, and you send out that drunk-text, it lets him know where you are, what you’re doing, and maybe who you’re with. It shows your whole poker hand and then there’s no room to make him jealous. When a guy feels threatened, it makes the desire factor for you go up. Avoid the message that says; I’m surrounded by my friends, and there are hot guys all over the place, and all I want to do is sit here and text you. Lifeless and LAME!

The hunt is over

Once you make that wrong move and drunk-text, in his mind you’re already caught. Now he has no reason to put on his best and chase you because he has your full interest. It kills our game ladies. We never want them to stop trying to woo us― it’s the fun part of dating and a crucial step towards a healthy relationship.

His view of you will change

He will wonder where that independent woman went that caught his eye in the first place. Men love women who are strong socially, economically and secure within themselves. Nothing says, “I don’t have a life!” more than a drunk-text. Next time you feel the urge to pull out your phone and text, turn it off or put it on airplane mode. That way you won’t wake up wondering what dumb mistakes you might have made on your tequila-fueled night out.

Written by Beverley Miles