11 Ways You’re Sleeping Wrong…

11 Ways You're Sleeping Wrong...
11 Ways You're Sleeping Wrong...

I know the title sounds intense, but you might be sleeping all wrong. If you wonder why you toss-n-turn, someone who snores or can’t fall asleep very quickly; you could have some bad bedtime habits. Take a look to see if you fall into any of these traps.

You don’t have a regular bedtime

If you go to sleep at 10 pm one night, then stay up binge watching “The Walking Dead” until 2am on the next; your body doesn’t know when to shut down. If you can create a routine, it will train your brain and body to sleep more soundly because it’s primed to thus making your mornings much easier to tackle.

You only use a pillow under your head

You want your body to be as comfortable as it can be. When you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees. That will take the pressure off your lower back. When you sleep on your side, you want to hug another pillow close to your chest, then wedge another pillow between your knees. This placement will keep your spine aligned thus reducing those restless nights.

Your sleeping position keeps you awake

When you sleep on your stomach, it puts your head and neck at an odd angle so you can breathe. Over time, this can cause aches and pains due to the stress on your spine. Place pillows in front and in back to prevent you from rolling over in your sleep. It’s best to sleep on your side with a pillow under your arm and another between your knees.

Bedtime snacking

If you snack three hours before bedtime; watch what you eat. When you indulge yourself with high acidic foods like salsa and chips; you run the risk of having heartburn and indigestion. If you eat sugary food, your body will toss and turn because of the blood-sugar spike. If you must eat; avoid those fatty, deep fried, sweet and spicy snacks. Keep it as bland as possible.

You drink booze to help you sleep

When you drink, it might help put you to sleep, but it will not last long. After the buzz has worn off, your body now has that sugar to deal with. You will wake up multiple times, and that will leave you exhausted by morning. If you want to drink, do it early in the night, then slow down as it gets later. Add in a glass of water to help with the dehydration issues you’ll face in the morning.

You don’t sleep on the right mattress

If your mattress is too hard or too soft, you will not be able to get comfortable. Find a mattress that works for you.

You don’t shutout the electrical world

That little blue light that emanates around your room will activate your brain to interact. It’s best to turn everything off. If your phone beeps all night with every Facebook like or unwanted emails or text; shut it off. Even if you don’t wake up all the way, it still keeps you from getting a good night sleep.

Your room could be too bright

Light makes us want to wake or stay awake. Get blackout shades or put on a sleeping mask. The darker, the better.

Your room temp may not be right

If you sleep in a room that’s too hot or too cold, it will rob you of sleep. The best temp is around 64-69 degrees.

You sleep with your pets

You might think it’s mean to make the dog sleep on the floor, but your pet’s movements, snoring or itchy hair will keep you from getting a proper night sleep. By keeping the bed a pet-free zone, it will help you both get a better night sleep.

Your pillow is too big or too small

Most people think a big fluffy pillow is what you need to sleep with, but in reality, that’s not the best choice. You only need a pillow that’s a few inches high, one that allows your spine to stay straight, nothing more. Now, ask yourself: Do I have bad bedtime habits?