2 Tricks to Calm Your Mind and Overcome Stress…

2 Tricks to Calm Your Mind and Overcome Stress...
2 Tricks to Calm Your Mind and Overcome Stress...

Stress often plays a huge role in our lives. Work, kids, deadlines; the list goes on. While stress is bound to have some impact in every one of our lives, you don’t have to let it rule you. “Stress will kill you”, is no joke, so here are the top 3 ways to help calm your mind and lower anxiety.

The Breathing Method

A simple breathing exercise can be done in minutes. By taking deep breaths, you will become immediately more focused, calm, and relaxed. It sounds too easy, but some of the best stuff is easy–you just need to remember to do it. When you’re feeling stressed, your breathing will become more shallow. Fight back by taking deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

The Meditation Method

Modern meditation methods are easy to do anywhere and no guru required. All you have to do is get quiet, breath, watch your thoughts come in and out, just like watching a movie. Observe them without judgement, and let them go and come. Your mind will keep throwing more at you and you just keep watching the movie. You are the watcher, not the thinker. Your mind (the thinker) is your tool. You are not the tool–it is yours to use. In just minutes, you will become more present, relaxed and see that you can “watch” the movie without feeling anxiety as your thoughts no longer have power over you. The anxiety producing thoughts start to fade away quickly. With practice you will find you are the one in control of your mind and intrusive thoughts that can be distracting or stressful.

Feeling in-tune with your body and mind is essential whenever you’re taking on stressful situations or if you simply need to clear your head from the ongoing stresses of everyday life. Learning how to tell when your body is in need from a break and your mind requires calming is one way to make the right choices for a happier, healthier you long-term.