4 Common Mistakes Smart People Make…

4 Common Mistakes Smart People Make...
4 Common Mistakes Smart People Make...

How many times do we see someone who has the potential to do great things stay in a stand-still life? Maybe we feel that way about ourselves sometimes? Most of the things that hold us back are of our own design.

One of the great challenges we face as a species is inequality. Take writing for example. Some people just put words down on paper, whereas others, take those common phrases and create poetry: words so beautifully written, we have to stop and savor them; rolling them around on our tongues and digesting them like we would a good meal. A craft so perfectly performed that it completely captures an emotion, a sound, taste, or place as if we had experienced it ourselves.

Humankind has grown, evolved, and has accomplished things our ancestors would view as science fiction. If we only had the same playing field; life would be fair. Yet, we all know life is not fair. However, possessing a talent, a skill, or having the gift to see the world through a different lens is what makes life interesting. It gives us variety, challenges to face, mountains to climb and discoveries left to uncover.

Do we envy those who possess talents we don’t? Of course we do! Although, we all possess something special. If you are spending time being envious of someone else’s talent, it may simply mean that you have not uncovered your own hidden gems yet. Here are a few common mistakes smart people make on their road toward self-discovery. Most of us will see ourselves in a few of these examples because, in our own special way, we are all smart regardless of our IQ points. Solving them can get you back on the path to discovering your own unique talents. Take a look….

They confuse productivity with staying busy

A lot of our daily duties are not critical. Our calendars could be jammed full of obligations, but do you have to do everything on that list? Your choice, but at the end of the day, do you feel exhausted? After running to the grocery store because you had to have organic eggs, pick up Timmy’s favorite treats because you think he needs them, or doing laundry for everyone else so they can sit back and enjoy their free-time; you can feel bogged down. Do you have to answer every email that shoots into your inbox like bullets from a machine gun?

Don’t let staying busy confuse you with being productive. If you have a job to do and you keep showering attention on non-critical matters, you will never accomplish what really needs to be handled. Multitasking is great, but not when it robs you of getting things done well.

Solution: Rethink your routine. Do you need those organic eggs? Can Timmy survive without his treats or could he get them himself? Delegate family chores and take care of productive things that really matter.

They have the knowledge or talent but never use it

Sadly, most people do not live a life of their dreams or become a success story. Why? Because they don’t do anything. Period. You might be the one who’s born with a brain like Einstein’s, but if you don’t choose to use it; you may never know what you could accomplish with it.

There is a big difference in knowing how to do something and then actually doing it. Having a high IQ, or several college degrees under your belt are useless without action.

Solution: Take the necessary steps toward your goals. Be active and absorbed by something you believe in. Use your talents to better your life, not just ‘get by’. If something doesn’t work, don’t be imprisoned by routine. Switch it up. Try something else. Keep moving forward.

They fail because they are not perfect

We can make excuses on why we don’t achieve what we want in life because most of us never see ourselves as good enough. And if we are not good enough, we reason: why try or keep going? That kill-switch is something that needs to be turned off. Perfection is an obstacle we create in our thinking. It’s a delusion or mirage. Don’t buy into it.

Solution: Thankfully, achievements are not rewarded by a person’s perceptions, but on an active person’s results. We are rewarded with effort, not opinions. It’s time to see yourself as good enough. No more excuses. Be your own kind of beautiful.

They lack balance

To enjoy life, you must have a balance between family, friends, work, and play. If you play too much, your business may fall apart. If you work too much and ignore your family or friends for too long, one day you might realize you’re unhappy and lonely, and so are they. If you don’t take any time for yourself, your health might suffer. Keeping a balance is important. Just burying your head in the sand and never evaluating your life could be a costly mistake.

Solution: Communicate with your family. Make appointments with them if necessary. Take time to evaluate your happiness and the others around you. See where things could improve, then take action.

You get one life, make it a good one! Find that amazing thing within yourself, then use it to make the most beautiful life possible.