5 Ways to Bring Your Childhood Spirit Back to Life…

5 Ways to Bring Your Childhood Spirit Back to Life...
5 Ways to Bring Your Childhood Spirit Back to Life...

Who says we have to act our age? I’m not saying we should all become irresponsible individuals, but a person who taps into the good things that might have gotten lost on the road to adulthood.

Remember those carefree, laid back days we spent running through the yard doing cartwheels, jumping down the sidewalk playing hopscotch, or throwing snowballs, (or in my brother’s case), rotten plums that had fallen from the tree. Ouch!

Do you recall those dirty fingernails that wouldn’t come clean for days from all the mud pies made for mom, staining a wooden key rack for dad, or playing flashlight tag in the dark? Life as a kid (especially on the weekends) was such a schedule-free zone for most of us. Adult life is filled with budgets, deadlines, mortgage payments, and meal preparation― thus ceasing our dreams of Neverland.

Listed below are a few things we can do as adults that will bring back our childhood spirit:

Play pretend (When I grow up, I’m gonna be?)

Anything we don’t like about ourselves, we can change. If you pretend long enough, you start to believe it. “Fake it till you make it,” right? Eat, sleep and breathe what you want to become and then you will. In most of our childhood fantasies, we were the superheroes that saved the day by conquering the evil trolls invading the nearby villages or Batman saving Gotham from the Joker. It’s time to see ourselves as that superhero again, saving ourselves from the monotonies of life. By playing pretend, you can bring some bright colors into a gray world. It all starts with your imagination.


If life gets overwhelming, force yourself to daydream. Kids do this almost effortlessly and once (maybe it was a long time ago) you did that too. One way to trigger those lost memories is by listening to old music or eating your favorite childhood treats. Nothing seals a timeline better than sounds, taste, and scents. If you want to remember high school, listen to the top songs of that era. Want to remember summer as a kid? Bake grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, or mom’s apple pie. You’ll be daydreaming in no time.

Tap into your creative side

Did you ever desire to be an artist, poet, sculptor, or pilot? If you want to try something new, be like a kid and believe anything is possible. Isn’t that what hobbies are for? No one can change your life but you. If you build too many mental brick walls on why we shouldn’t explore new things, they become harder to tear down. Go to the craft store and stock up on coloring books, art supplies and anything else you’ve always wanted to try, and then, create a unique masterpiece. We all have a few blank spots on our walls that need some passionate spice.

Dance like nobody’s watching

How many times did we skip around the house, or twirl circles in the yard, not caring if anyone was watching? As adults, we become obsessed with how others view us…STOP! Go back to the days when we didn’t care what people thought of our clothes, hair, and personalities. Shut off that Facebook account and disconnect from the superficial world merchants want us to accept by living life on your terms―and don’t worry about how others will “perceive” you. Remember they’re only options, not fact!

Play games

Lost your keys? Hmmm? Now, where would my inner kid hide those? Time to play hide-and-seek. When we age, we become forgetful. Why not make those annoying mishaps roll off our backs by looking at life through a youthful lens. Make life fun by playing more games.

And remember, always check under the bed before you go you sleep. 🙂

Bring back your childhood spirit again by asking― What have I lost on my road to adulthood?