9 Reasons Why Laughter Is So Important For Your Health

Why Is Laughter So Important?
Why Is Laughter So Important?

Laughter: That incredible, involuntary response we experience when we’re happy. The best things about laughter, it’s contagious, fun, free, and easy to use. It’s the perfect antidote for so many mental and physical poisons we endure because of stress, pain or conflict―in other words; this journey we call “life”.

If you live in a chuckle-challenged environment, here are several reasons you need more giggle-boosting activities in your life.

Physical Health Benefits

  • Strengthens your immune system.
    Laughter increases our body’s natural defense against viruses, aging, and disease by increasing T-cell activity.
  • Lowers stress-induced hormones
    When we laugh, it lowers cortisol levels, stabilizes blood pressure and even burns calories. AKA: Lose weight. (Win!!!)
  • Relaxes our muscles
    A good belly laugh will relax the body for up to 45 minutes, decreasing overall pain and physical tension. A major plus for our heart health.

Mental Health Benefits

  • Releases endorphins
    Laughter triggers the release of all those happy chemicals into our brains. It lifts our mood, increases productivity and promotes an overall feeling of well-being.
  • Relieves stress
    After a hearty laugh, our anxiety and fear will dissolve into something more manageable. It’s hard to feel negative emotions when you’re cracking up, right? So laugh and allow your body to push those troubles aside for a while.
  • It strengthens our relationships
    Laughter between friends creates a stronger bond and helps solve disagreements, boredom and can even heal resentment and loss. Plus, it can unite people through hard times.
  • Attracts others toward us
    We all know how contagious a yawn is, well laughter is much more powerful than that. When we show our light-hearted, joyous side, people are naturally drawn to it. New friendships can be formed through laughter, creating a real connection.
  • It helps release inhibitions
    Laughter puts everyone at ease and breaks down those social walls. When situations are light and joyous, people will more likely be themselves and express their real feeling.
  • It brings on “THE HAPPY”
    A smile can go a long way, add in laughter; it goes even farther. Just hearing laughter stimulates the brain with happy thoughts and most of the time it will make us smile involuntarily―and wouldn’t we rather see a smiling face, then a sour one. I know I would!