Are You a Drama Junkie?

Are You a Drama Junkie?
Are You a Drama Junkie?

You know those mornings when everything is going great because the sun is shining. Your makeup is perfect. A sweet breeze is blowing through your hair. Your hips are swaying to the beat of a Bruno Mars song humming inside your head, then you walk into the office and come face to face with the drama queen. Zizzizzzip! (cue the skipping record) and BAM! your good-time-train derails. Yep, you know what girl I’m talking about!

I hate drama, but sometimes it finds me even though I try my damnedest to avoid it. Yet, there are so many people addicted to that chaos, just like a street junkie needing a fix. The sad thing about a drama queens is; they seem to thrive on it. It’s as if they don’t know how to survive or function without the constant hysteria. It gets them up in the morning, and they keep themselves fueled all day by finding more or creating their own thunderstorms. EXHAUSTING!!! (Scripted eye roll, please)

Here’s a list to see if you or someone you know is the Reigning, Drama Queen Champ!

They play each side of an argument even when it’s none of their damn business

When others argue (unless it concerns us or affects our lives directly), people need to stay neutral and let their friends work through their issues, ALONE. A drama queen likes to position herself dead-center of the ring and egg on both parties. They’ll pick one side, spilling all the details, then later call the other person and spill the beans all over again. The fuel it generates feeds that empty-space drama queens seem to suffer from. Nothing but TROUBLE― am I right?

When thing don’t go their way…. the whole world knows it

If Ms. Drama Queen just met a guy, and it ended quickly (let’s say a few days ago) they draw it out, squeezing every last drop on “how-much-they-miss-them”, spiel. Or the “what’s-wrong-with-me?”, line. “Why-don’t-they-like-we?”, pity-party. Including the crying and self-loathing routines until people start avoiding them. As soon as they realize their losing attention, BOOM! their mourning period is over and moving onto their next dramatic project.

They are never wrong

A Drama Queen must be fighting with someone at all times. Yet, they will never say “I’m sorry” first because no-way-in-hell is anything their fault. Without ever having to admit their wrong, they can be spiteful, hold onto grudges until the day pigs fly. It fits into their lifestyles perfectly.

Their love life is always in shambles

That’s why they’re attracted to Bad-Boys or Players. If they feel like something is not good for them, they want it even more. They find excuses to break up, play nice for awhile, just to do it all over again. Another sad truth is; they think it’s normal; that all relationships are like this. Then they wonder why it’s so difficult to find true happiness living in that consistently chaotic environment. Ding! Ding! Ding! Stop the crazy!

Small things become roaring hurricanes

If you in some way shunned a drama queen or didn’t react the way they expected you too― you are on their shit-list, PERIOD. Essay length social media blasts go out about you, tattle-tailing all your dirty laundry they’ve stocked piled against you. All the while your head is spinning, wondering “What the hell?”― But remember, this week you were their jonesing fix. Next week they’ll become some other sorry sap’s problem. Thank goodness!!!